Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Reading - Catch Up Week Maybe?

Over night the forecast for this coming week changed from chances of thunderstorms to partly cloudy and dry conditions but the heat is suppose to come back. Well if the humidity stays away I can mostly handle the heat just fine but more importantly as it stands now I may be looking at five full days of no rain.

Man have I forgotten what that is like.

I may even be able to get ahead on this constant mowing although as it stands now I am counting my chicks before they hatch.

Things are even beginning to slow down at work believe it or not and I have only had to go over my scheduled hours twice this last week.

SO much potential and so much to do if it wasn't for the obvious explosive grass growth that I have little time to think about just mow I might be so overwhelmed I wouldn't know where to start.

Top on the list behind mowing catch up is dead out hive cleaning and storage followed by the fence project getting kick started once again. I have two gates that are ready to hang and I am sure I have totally misplaced the hanging hardware for them as well. Then of course there is the 8N points thing I have to finish up and I need to start thinking about the final round of hay baling which is coming up quick.

The Walnut trees also need a huge trimming. All this rain has snapped many branches from the abundant weight of Walnuts over burdening them.

Looks like naps may not be on the agenda this week!!!!

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. I'm loving the forecast too- might actually see the bottom of the do-due list here as well!

    1. Jewlz - No kidding. I got a lot done today. Reclaimed some spots that have went almost 2 months without being weed ate too. Tomorrow I anticipate more progress too!!!

      I hope they don't put rain back in the forecast.

  2. I read on the other post about your donkey. Been wondering what had happened to her. It's sort of a downer. From the various times you wrote about her, I kinda came to admire the old girl.

    1. Matt - Well it is certainly the end of an era. That donkey has been in the family and on this farm almost my entire life. She didn't like me much because when I had to feed her or whatever I did things differently and she did not like change from her routine at all.

      I really would have rather put her down in a controlled way with a vet and a proper burial BUT it wasn't my call. No way in Hell the Women folk around here will allow an animal to be put down unless it has been in some bad accident. Mrs. PP spent almost 3K on a 15 year old dog that had some kind of anemic illness. The vet refused to treat it because it was so old and she took it to the university animal hospital and even they advised her to just let the animal die but she was having none of that.

      If I had found the donkey within the first day of knowing she was missing maybe at least a burial would have been possible but in this heat after that to be honest I was relieved I didn't find her remains. Truth is after the second day I pretty much knew she was dead and I stopped looking too close and just hoped the neighbors wouldn't get a whiff of her.

  3. It's decided to rain on me today, after a good weekend, just because I have my bricklayer here working! Typical!

  4. Rain has arrived here, thankfully. It is nice to see everything greening up again. Glad you have closure on your donkey. Are you, or your family, going to get another one?


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