Thursday, September 22, 2016

First Day of Fall

The last few days have been hot but more importantly DRY!!!! I have managed to actually get ALL THE MOWING DONE and still have a day to get some other things done tomorrow believe it or not. Along with the mowing (including mowing around the bee hives!!!) I got the poor Walnut tree that was about to collapse under the weight of it's nuts pruned back. I took off a lot of limbs so I hope I didn't kill it but at least it can now stand upright and I can actually mow under it.

The experts are saying this should be a year for the record books as far as the harvest goes but it will be another few days or so before they can really get started because the moisture levels are still way too high. I know it finally dried out enough that I could get the mowing done around the hives and that grass was so high any wetness would have stopped the mower up.

There are still some areas that will just have to wait until next Spring though. Mostly edges and weed choked spots that have become so thick it would take the brush hog to cut through them. I will let Winter do it's thing on those spaces.

The Golden Rod is in full bloom and it looks like it is going to be a wonderful flow this year. I atill have at least two dead out hives to take apart and I haven't checked the hives down at the orchard in months either. If they did die out I am sure the wax worms have ruined the comb by now.

So that's why posting has been light and replies thin. I been pushing it as hard as I could to get things caught up. If the rains stay away it looks like it might be a glorious Fall.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. We've had our 1st frost and everyone is combining to get the wheat in asap.


  2. Not that a good flow will make up for everything but it would be a good compensation for the rain.


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