Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Honey Bee Rant

So I don't hold a degree in etymology, agriculture or any other area that would label me a professional or able to speak on the science of  honey bee health as far as the academics are concerned. I only know what I see in my little part of the world and the data I see from other parts and then attempt to apply my observations to the best of my ability.

Of course this year so far I have been a lousy bee keeper but I must say my hives appear to be quite resilient and other than a few lost swarms and some missed honey the girls all seem to be doing well despite my complete neglect of them.

What gets me is the politics of the "Save the Bees" movement we have going on these days. In my opinion the so-called honey bees dying off movement is little more than a look into the heart of what is wrong with our culture today.

We have the well intentioned but easily fooled and mostly ignorant eco-freaks who are being manipulated by large scale corporate bee keeping outfits and joined by liberal multi-cultist and "native-ist" just to add a bit of their own politics into the thing.

Here's the deal. I am not saying that Neo-whatever herbicides are not a contributing factor but look at the state by state losses of honey bees and a peculiar trend seems to show that those states with the least amount of mono-crop agriculture and the greatest amounts of non-tillable land seem to suffer the least amount of honey bee losses.

Now ask yourself what is the single most widely planted crop in the US?  If you answered Corn you are the winner. Ya know what appeal Corn has to Honey Bees? About none. Wheat? Pretty much zero. Modern day Soybean hybrids... not much either.

Most of the crops that honey bees are required for that are being sprayed are also interestingly enough where you get the huge migratory bee companies trucking in 1000's of hives to pollinate for a few brief weeks then trucking those hives miles and miles to do it again. In the mean time ever seen a video of those large bee companies harvesting honey from those hives? It's wonder any bees are left after they are done.

Yet no one out there seems to ask the question that perhaps the modern day techniques of California style (because let's face it that's where most of this type of agriculture is practiced) mono-cropping and migratory mass bee keeping isn't having an effect as well.

Secondly. I make it a habit of finding out what my bees are foraging off of. Very little of it would be considered a cash crop honestly. My girls like the Clovers, ditch flowers and trees more than anything else. Yet year after year I see roadsides and wild areas full of Crown Vetch and clover crops killed off and replaced with so called "Native" grasses by the government urges on the eco-freak back to nature Native-ist types.

Wonder if that is having an effect?

Honey Bees as we know them evolved and adapted to a specific type and style of keeping, agriculture and terrain. Why does it surprise everyone so much that the further and faster we change to different types of those things the honey bees have a problem keeping up?

Some in the movement want to keep their gravy train going I understand that. Some hate big agriculture and herbicide/Monsanto like stuff... I understand that too. Some just hate anything manipulated by man with a large part of them hating anything groomed by a European White Man more than anything else on the planet....

I got news for the last group. Honey Bees, the useful, productive, non-lethal breeds ARE from Europe. Same as your beloved horses BTW. AND they each require traditional European style agriculture to thrive.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. We have a lot of bees on our property. Way more than anyone else in the area does. We used to have very few bees but the wife planted icelandic poppies and they bloom all season and we have thousands of fat, happy honey bees all over.


  2. Dennis

    And the simple will lead the way. I read a sci-fi book that pointed out that we as a race we tend to over think things, I believed that to be very true. Thank you for great analysis.

    By the way, the whole bee crises thing I also said at the time honey bees are not native species to North America so if they die out that is ok, but it will suck. Of course, this leads us back to the whole idea of the family farm and multiply crops versus the mega farm one crop idea.

  3. #beeslivesmatter


  4. I have found around here that people want bees for their garden but from observing my garden over the years, including when there was a wild hive here, the bees just aren't interested in vegetable plants. Many plants like beans and tomatoes are self pollinating and don't need help and others like the squash family get pollinated by moths and native bees. I have seen them on corn tassels(not silk) at times so there may be a link there but I don't know. When I see honey bees they are after dutch clover and weeds when fruit trees aren't in bloom.

    1. I've seen them on cherry trees, our 200+ raspberry bushes, the poppies, dandylions, the rose bushes and lilies but they seem to avoid the peonies.


  5. PP - we have several farms on the island with honey bees but i think those honeybees tend to stick to their hive. we've never seen a honey bee on our property or ever seen a swarm. but we've got millions of mason, solitary and other types of bees and they all do a good job of pollinating. the only reason i would ever keep bees is for the honey - but then i would feel like i was stealing from them and of course, i would have to name them all. too much work, i say!

    i started reading your post to jambaloney and of course, he interrupts me and says "honey bees aren't even native to north america" - he's pretty bright that one.

    i agree completely with your post and notice that all of the bees that we do have here on the property living in the wild love the native plants and flowers the best.

    sending much love. your friend,

  6. Those damn vandals thew clover seeds all over the field last night, I can't afford roundup and couldn't pick them all up.

  7. Well said. It seems to me that the activists, so-called experts, and policy makers never ask the right questions on any issue.


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