Friday, June 24, 2016

Almost Done

It appears that I may possibly be getting back to my normal schedule starting next week. The new kid I am training seems to be working out well so there shouldn't be any need for me to be putting in as many hours. Then I can start trying to get some of this stuff I been putting off around here caught up.

This heat wave seems to be waning as well too although I think we are past any chance of a cool day now until September.

I managed to get out of work before 1pm today and then came home and slept all afternoon. I know I know I had a lot of stuff to work on but having already put in 50 hours in four days I needed a nap.

I been letting the flock out into the Western pasture at night the last week because they are not able to get out and forage enough during the day. It's just been too hot for the old girls and a few of them were beginning to get a bit thin for my liking.

The Buckwheat is sprouting but I think the birds did a real number on some of the seed I spread because I am finding an awful lot of broken seed husks laying around out there. I think another seeding  right before a rain may be needed. I thought I had managed to cover most of the seed up with my make-shift harrow but I guess I didn't do as good a job as I thought.

Always something isn't it?

So anyway as I said hopefully things will be back to normal starting this next week with more regular and longer posts, some more fencing project and a better job at replying to comments.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. We were having a field shift around yesterday, now the alpacas are sheared, they are back in there old quarters and the have a rotation of 4 paddocks to graze, the lambs are in a rotation of two paddocks, everyone is were they should be at last, we are having to top the the buttercups growing every few weeks in the main field, but looking at the fields they are in good shape considering what they were like two years ago. I keep looking at the land we are buying and its in a terrible weed state like this was when we first moved.

  2. My job will be ending next week so I will start in on things as well. I have been running into yellow jacket nests here and there but a little gasoline in the hole kills them. I don't have to light the fuel but it is much more fun to do so. Our TV news readers are talking about zombie bees invading some guy's hives near here. It is the fly that lays eggs in the bees and a grub eats the inside of the bee and they act like zombies. First of that being reported in this part of the country. Nasty floods a few miles to the north and we got some heavy rain but since I haven't weeded the garden, the weeds prevented erosion, I planned that, lol.

  3. I'm glad things are working with the new kid. Its hard to find people now days who want to work. Birds are good and bad, but I can't think of anything good right off the top of my head. Oh wait chicken and turkey...ohhhh sooooo good to eat. Stay cool. They are saying our weather today will be hot and sticky with T-storms mixed in.

  4. Well rested=more productive in my book. Glad you got a snooze!

  5. read '' june 23,2016
    'honeybees face extinction'

  6. PP - i am glad that you had a nap - you deserved it and should have another one! the jobs around a homestead are never "finished" or "done" - you just got to roll the jobs you didn't get to today to tomorrow! jam feels your pain about a part-time job becoming a full-time job AND overtime!!!! i am glad you will be getting back to normal.

    sending much love! your friend,


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