Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Front Sheet Metal is Done

This is the old hood that wouldn't fit. I tried taking pictures of the new one I have all taped up but the shed was just too dark and they wouldn't come out.

I think besides my lack of spray control, which I might add I am making some progress in correcting, the part I dislike the most about repainting sheet metal is taping and covering the parts that shouldn't get paint on them. I find that step tedious and a real pain.

Anyway I taped up the gray and put a few coats on the red tonight. My lighting situation was poor and I am not able to get home from work early enough to really see what I am doing but we are scheduled for putting the sheet metal on Saturday. So no time for perfect conditions.

I just hope she comes out looking passingly good. Like 10 foot rule good kinda thing. As I said I am not going for a full restore here just brightening up her colors and getting rid of some rust. After she is back together I will still need to paint the rest of the frame, front rims and then figure out what I am going to do about her rusted out rear rims.

She won't be totally repainted until at least April or so at this rate.

But I should have her back and running this weekend.

Can't wait.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Slow is ok if the final product is good.
    If not well slow sucks.
    Good luck Preppy

  2. A show tractor, you better keep the tractor girls away from it as they will scratch it up running through brush.

    1. Sf - Well I still plan on using it around the place to bale and such so it's gonna get scratched up.

  3. Looking for 10 foot rule tractor girls for you.

  4. When my Dad replaced one rim on his 8N, he found that the rim is still in current production- in use on four wheel drive tractors. I don't know that they are the same size as yours, but you may have similar luck.

    1. Wolfman - I typed rim but meant fender. The rims are in good shape still thank the almighty!!!

  5. hey any restoration project takes time - you sure do look like you know what you are doing so keep it up and update with more pics!

    cheers yo!

  6. PP,

    Time is what's needed when restoring your equipment and tools. They're suppose to last a life time!!!


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