Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

Amid more reports of mass lay offs, company/factory closing (and one being opened in Cuba). Obummer whining about making the next SCOTUS appointment and just generally bad news I hear today from an old co-worker that the sweat shop warehouse I worked in for about 15 years that made us work every Saturday straight in over time for 18 months has not scheduled even one hour of overtime in a year or more.

News like this is like being told alien spaceships landed in Times Square.

In all the time I worked for that company, which has a direct tap into federal, state and local education funds and from the first day of work scheduled each employee to arrive an hour early every day.  I have never heard of them not scheduling overtime. Now to hear they have canceled all overtime for almost a year solid? Something must be up.

I then came across this article.

Conservatives have failed Donald Trump's supporters

Williamson says that he'd rather poor whites "took the necessary steps to improve their condition in life." Nichols outlines some of these necessary steps, saying these men need "to stop fleecing the disability system, to kick their addiction, to be fathers to their children, to get a job no matter how low or unappealing it is, and to stick with it until you get a better one." He implies that I'm against this kind of virtue. That's wrong.

Just what jobs exactly do these idiots expect these people to get?  How many McDonald's and Costco's does it take to hire 1500+ unemployed warehouse and factory workers? These companies scream continuously about not being able to find workers and yet throw away hundreds of applications as "unacceptable".

Want to know my cure for America? It's simple really. A two step program.

Step 1 - Stop using the government to pick the winners and watch as things improve.

Step 2 - Reduce government employment to pre-1960's levels and stop making the very special public servant aristocracy class while reducing taxes accordingly.

Everything I see tells me we are heading for the fall and picking up speed at an alarming rate. I still say no election can fix the state we are in but at this stage of the game I am wondering what happens when the Femocrats pull their patented election fix once again.

As old Celente likes to say "When a Man losses everything he loses it".

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. Well our government is also crashing. Turns out our new NDP government created a list and any reporter we fact checked press releases or questioned the governments propoganda was added to the list. If your on the list your barred from government huildings and blacklisted from press conferences.

    So its getting real and they are moving faster to limit the press and block the truth.


  2. Also add the Fed running out of bullets and getting ready to throw the gun(Negative Interest Rates).

  3. I'd say that's dead-on.

    I'd have said that was dead-on 15 years ago when I was still toting the liberal banner. Because, when someone's right, they're right, regardless of whether I like it and regardless of whether I agree.

    That is, in fact, representative of the world I see around me, regardless of whether I'm looking at the Rust Belt, the Sun Belt, the Deep South, the Ozarks, or the Great Plains (haven't been to the Desert Southwest, New England, or the Pacific Northwest in the last 10 years to look at them).

    I'd be applauding, if it didn't make me sick.

  4. It worries me Preppy - to the point I have tuned out of most of the major media outlets and updates. Sort of "I will work on the things I can influence and ignore the things I cannot". And that list seems to be growing every day.

  5. I feel like the downfall is starting. I am trying to get prepared, I came late to the game. Have you read the economic collapse blog? That guy is putting up some scary numbers/
    we all need to be praying...

  6. Kind of like wondering why Rome fell.


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