Thursday, February 18, 2016

An Anti-Feminist Video - Thoughts? Do You Dare?

As I am getting close to the end of my five 12 hour day shifts posting and replying to comments will bounce back to normal once again. Even though my job isn't all that boring nor especially physically hard by the time I get home I am still brain dead and feeling drained.

I haven't been doing many anti-feminist posts lately but I saw this video tonight and figured what the hell, why not post it and see if any of the intelligent women who still come here and read wish to refute any of the claims this video makes. Or if any of the male readers are brave enough to chime in?

Please remember I did not make this video and although in many ways I do agree with it, it is also a  bit harsh and refuses to touch on three key points that I believe add to the overall problem just as much as feminism. One of which may in fact be more to blame than feminism.

I will lay out the three things I believe the video misses after the embed. Before you few feminist that still come by here decide to get all pissy with me and the blog however I ask that you read my three points after the video.

Ok so like I said feminism is responsible for many of the ills mentioned but I think it is safe to say that as a whole complete Universal Suffrage is just as much to blame as simply Women's suffrage. In point of fact I would go so far as to say that it was actually THE MAIN reason because if we limited voting to landowners only, be they men or women, we would not see the issues we are seeing today. Therefore the voting claim of this video has no real base line with which to measure how universal male suffrage is any less to blame or long term destructive than universal female suffrage. They both happened too close together to separate the two.
Number two - Feminism has been around since the dawn of time but it never took hold in any great amount. Why? Well because it took a very specific mixing of outside or environmental factors to create the right climate to make it grow. The first of these is cheap, abundant energy. Or Oil. Without the discovery of oil none of this would have been possible nor even been something women (or men for that matter) had time to think about. 

Number three - The third mandatory environmental influence was FIAT money and an unlimited credit card of debt governments have been able to grow under.  To get us into the pickle we are in today took massive amounts of surplus resources and that was only possible by governments literally creating those resources out of thin air. Simply put if a government, especially the US government, could only put those programs into effect that it could physically pay for none of this would be happening and the door to the candy store of feminist fantasies would never have been opened.

Which leads me to the final thoughts of how will this play out? Well I see it going two ways. Either feminism (the parasite) kills the host and itself along with it or it only weakens the host causing itself to die but the host recovers. The weakened host now has several other parasites attached to it besides feminism. Mass immigration or colonization, Liberalism/Socialism which have long since become the ally and subservient parasites under feminism and large amounts of welfare and other assorted smaller parasite groups. They all have one thing in common however, they cannot survive without a strong host.

So the actual question is will the host survive this parasite invasion and outlive the parasites?

I am hoping it will.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!!


  1. Speaking as the father of a militant lesbian feminist I can tell you - if there was any merit in the feminist sexual Utopia they are trying to create and their ideology - I would have found it. I tried. I temporarily accepted asinine assumptions in order to try and appreciate their arguments and views. I denied my own reality in order to try and understand theirs. I listened to fools, morons, and shrieking liberal femcnuts and held my temper and concentrated on what they had to say.

    At no time did my daughter, her creepy girlfriend, or their peers reciprocate. Any question of disagreement was seen as intolerance, and intolerance would not be tolerated.

    I am not a bigot or a hater. I am a husband, a father and a son. I love the women in my life - even the liberal ones - and even my hateful, spiteful daughter even though we no longer speak. But as I went through that emotional and logical meat grinder with women that were angry, hurt and even disturbed...I came to the same conclusions you did.

    I disagree about land ownership being a basis to qualify for the vote. I would recommend coming at it the other way and spell out those who SHOULDN'T be able to vote - a good start would be
    - minors
    - people with criminal records
    - gov't civil servants
    - welfare recipients

    I would also posit that we need to redefine our rights too. No, you hippy retard, you should NOT have the right to free food, free housing, free education, free health care, free birth control etc ad nauseum.

    You should have the freedom to make a living. For what it's worth, the preppers are doing just that and I am too. I am looking at what's coming and a lot of people are going to get harsh lessons on perception and reality. I suspect liberal women are going to get hit the hardest and if they don't have good men to look after them and bail them out - they will be in very deep trouble.

    Er...sorry for the novel PP.

    1. I agree with you and the trailer park gal except for one thing: why wouldn't people with criminal records not be allowed to own land? I am a felon for the past forty years and I went to college, got married, raised a family, have a respectable technical job that takes me into schools, public buildings, federal buildings, courthouses, and churches to name just a few. I also realize that I am a minority, and am not what many would call a "typical" felon. Never say never...

    2. I don't think they said felons shouldn't own land, just that they shouldn't be allowed to vote. I personally think that if you don't pay income taxes you shouldn't be allowed to vote. If you are not contributing any money to the system, why should you have a say in how the money is spent?

    3. I must have misread that...even so why wouldn't a felon be allowed to vote? I pay taxes too, just like you. The fact is, I AM allowed to vote in this state.
      However, I am not allowed to ever serve on a jury. Nor will I ever be allowed to purchase or be in possession of a firearm or ammunition. Are felons not allowed to defend themselves? their families?

    4. OK I will violate my not going to reply rule here. Anon - The problem is these days so many things are felonies that shouldn't be. What felonies used to be ie. murder, rape, armed robbery it makes sense not to allow them to legally own a firearm or vote. Trouble is so many offenses today are felonies that rule has become watered down.

      As far as I know felons can still own land however.

    5. Glen - My only issue is that land ownership was the way the founders set up our Republic. I think screwing with it just started a slippery slope.

    6. You are probably right PP.


      It is my conviction that America isn't falling because of its abandonment of the Constitution so much as it is abandoning morality and ethics. The Constitution can and has been made to protect the abusers as much as the abused. As we have seen, it cannot save a nation going to hell on a road paved with good intentions as well as lies, deceit and greed. The founders lived in far more slippery times than we do - and yet they forged the most successful nation on earth. The Constitution is only a pale reflection of who those men and women actually were. They were giants.
      Landowners are no more or less virtuous than women or blacks. Most have earned their right to vote and some should be behind bars.
      It is my contention that in order for the western world to redeem itself, it has to redeem its morality and virtue. We need to go back to judging people and do it based on their merit and not their genotype. As it is we celebrate and embrace 'tolerance' which is just so much moral apathy that enables the legions of sexual degenerates and freakshows we see all to much of.
      It's a big job and almost impossible in today's rotted political climate. I fear needless bloodshed is in the cards for our future.

  2. I like Glens Novel. I have a granddaughter who falls into the same bunch. She no longer speaks to me, because I totally rejected her points of view. She rejected me. Oh Well, so goes life I guess, I am not going to accept her objectives just because she is my granddaughter.

    Carl in the UP

  3. An old tree rots from the center and still has signs of growth on the outside. Our culture is rotting and while some things continue, the growth and life is replaced by cancers that consume but don't support anything other than themselves. It is only a matter of time until it fails but as in nature, it will be replaced by some fresh new culture eventually. Like Rome, the crazy beliefs will be called mythology and the new culture will laugh and wonder how we could be so stupid to believe in such things.

  4. I am an intelligent woman. Or so I like to believe, so I will comment on this article. This comment will probably also be long, just like Glen above. A bit of history about me: I am a happily married woman to a very old fashioned man. He believes that women have a place in the home, not out rampaging the world. As I happen to agree with him, we get along splendidly. He believes that women should be treated with love and respect and that a man should be treated by his wife the same. Again, as I happen to agree with him, bonus for us. Of course, that is why we are married.

    I agree wholeheartedly with the video. I also agree with you. It is not just feminists ruining the west, it is also all the other folks that think that everything is a right. But I also think that is why feminism is so rampant, the idea that everything is a right.

    I can also say that I agree that women should not vote. Women that I know tend to vote with emotions or based on agendas for feminism, not what is right for our country.

    I do not believe that women belong in our military. I do not believe that women should be running this country. I do not believe in gay marriage. I do not believe that women should be in charge of corporations.

    That being said, I do believe women should be able to work outside the home, I do believe that women should be able to run a small business if they so choose. But I also believe that a woman's first priority should be their family. Taking care of their husband and taking care of their children.

    I can say without a doubt that I believe that feminism is ruining our country. If a woman believes that it is not her responsibility to have and raise children, how will a society survive? It can't. If a woman believes that she should be in charge of everything in her life totally, then how can she then ask a man who hasn't sworn in marriage to take care of her to just be willing to step up and do it? (Note: I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself- I was a single mom for many years. I want to be part of a relationship with a man who cares for me as much as I care for him. Side note, I also have a carry permit and am practiced with it. Doesn't stop me from wanting a real man as a husband.)

    I also agree with the part of the video that many women choose "dangerous" men. Scoundrels, if you will. Unfortunately women will not be happy in that sort of relationship. I think if more women chose real men that would be good to and for them, feminism mindset would not happen. Well, maybe it would, there are a lot of really messed up women out there. I don't know if feminism is the cause or the effect of it. My dad is actually part of the feminism mindset. He actually told me to never get married and rely on a man. Now here I am a housewife and happier than I have ever been. Not because I don't have "to work", but because everything that I do at home to care for my husband is an honor to me. I realize that many women would want to rip my face off for thinking that way, but there it is. I feel safe, protected, loved and cherished in a way that feminists will never get. They will never understand it nor will they ever receive it.

    As far as how this will all play out? I have my doubts if this country can survive it. As you stated, it is not one parasite but many. They are all derived from the same wrong mindset, but take many forms. I agree with Glen, feminists will get hit the hardest. I think this country needs more women like me. Although, after I type that, it sounds a awfully conceited.

    This country is in desperate need of a reset. I wish it could occur without violence and heartache. I just don't see it that way. There are too many people with entitlement attitudes that will never let it go and just work to earn what they see as a right.
    (And, yes, this was very long. I obviously have many thoughts on this subject!)

    1. Preppin, I could have written your response, as I am a like-minded happily married woman whose husband protects and provides. What a marvelous life I have, accepting my woman-ness and enjoying my husband's man-ness!!! I, too, have a concealed carry permit---in case hubby's not around to do that protecting! LOL

    2. My husband and I live in a biblical marriage, my husband is the head of the household, but loves me as Christ loved the church, with all of his being. As a result of this love on both parts, we naturally do what God asks. I respect hubs, and he respects me. We both have opinions, and he considers mine as important as his, but if he disagrees,he makes the final decisions. In some cases though, he leaves the decision making to me.
      It is about respect.
      I do work outside the home, my children are adults now,but my husband supports it, we need the income. But if he said no, and gave me a respectful reason I would conjure.
      Christ was not a tyrant, he lead with kindness and respect.

  5. I enjoy reading this blog even though I do not agree with every opinion and comment stated here. I do believe you have a right to your beliefs just as I have a right to mine. I admire Preppin in the trailer park - she has determined what she wants and needs in her life and seems happy. But not every woman has those same needs. Just like no two men are the same neither are two women.

    I am not a Preppin kinda woman. I do not believe in free rides. I believe in helping others that help themselves. I also carry and am willing to protect myself. I do not look to someone else to protect me. I believe I have a right to vote and express my opinions just as much as everyone else. I have worked since I was 14 years old and already kicked past 50 so I can provide for myself. I am perfectly willing to have discussions with people that express interest in learning my thoughts but I refuse to get into these arguments where someone intends to browbeat me to agree with them. Show me some respect just like I show you and we will get along fine. Try and push this old bitch and I will walk away. Piss me off and did I mention I carry?

    Are their people out there that are just a waste of space? Absolutely. I cant stand people that feel entitled to stuff. I cant stand people that use race, religion , or political leanings to justify their hatred, disrespect and corruption. Do I blame feminism for societal failings, no I blame people that misinterpret and deliberately lie to justify the means to be able to point their fingers and blame others.

    What I do with my body is my business. Period. It does not need to be regulated, I don't need a man to tell me what I need to do, I have a brain and I can make informed decisions. I can learn math and science and fix a car just like the boys. Will I be as physically strong as a man - nope. Can I do everything a man can - Nope. But can a man do everything I can - nope. Its a two way street. Respect each other and admire peoples strengths and cover each others weaknesses. Its not that damn hard people - see past the blinders the 1% have been trying to strap on the rest of us.

    What I feel has crushed our society is the destruction of what I think are core principles - Honor, respect, pride in a job well done, and care for fellow humans. I feel sad for this and future generations because families don't seem to exist much any more as I knew them. People are so distracted by technology and information overload that they have lost the ability to truly communicate and just spend time with other people. If I cant get it in a tweet, a text or an email its not important, seems to be the mantra of today. Is technology bad? No but I think it has actually overwhelmed us as humans and made us poorer for it.

    The "me" generations and the people that feel entitled are a symptom of this lack of honor and respect and pride in how you carry yourself and do your job. We as voters have allowed ourselves to be pushed out of our own government simply through lack of interest and willingness to spend the time necessary to make informed choices. We are so distracted by the flash that we don't see the forest burning behind us. Again its the 'send me a selfie and I will take a look' mentality out there that has led to this.

    Sorry - I seem to have gotten a bit on a soapbox. Keep safe out there folks. Head down and ass covered is about the best we can do now it seems.

    1. Anon,
      I agree with much of what you said. I absolutely agree with you that no two people have the same needs. I do have a question if you come back here to read this. When you state that you do not believe in free rides, does that mean that you believe that a housewife is getting a free ride? Please understand I am not trying to put words into your mouth if that is not what you meant. I also do not believe in free rides. The entitlement mindset is terrible.

      Your paragraph starting with the core principles. I also agree wholeheartedly.

      Please do not feel as if I am attacking all women in my statements as I am not. I know there are plenty of women out there who care for themselves exclusively without help and are very capable of making good decisions. You apparently are one of them. I just know that most of the women I personally know are not like you, sadly.

    2. No I do not think a housewife is getting a free ride. Its a hard job in my opinion even without children. Add children and it ramps up. I was not attacking you and I am sorry if you felt I was. I am happy that you have what you need in your life. I was just stating that not everyone wants what you want. I should not be disparaged for my choices just as you should not be for yours. Its all about respect to me. I will respect a person and their beliefs because they are the choices their life has developed for them. I hope that in return my right to have different beliefs and choices will be respected without getting into this habit of nasty rhetoric and finger pointing that seems so common these days.

      "Blame it on those people because they are not like us" seems to be the new way to distract people from the 1% sticking their fingers in the pot and stealing and ruining this country. We have been brainwashed to blame others so much that it seems people don't take personal responsibility any more. Its just sad to me.

      If my beliefs and choices are not in anyway harming you, then why the hell do you really care other than the basic your a human, I am a human lets communicate interaction that could take place? I enjoy talking with folks. I don't like being preached at by folks as I am sure most the people that come to this blog can relate to. We seem to have similar basic core mindsets even if our beliefs don't match 1 to 1. I appreciate the differences.

      My life is not exactly the way you put it there in your final paragraph but how would you know? We have not communicated or exchange but the barest of comments because this blogger has sparked a desire to exchange for us. I actually am in a relationship and I have an elderly father that lives with us.

      Lol Monday mornings must be bringing out the soapbox in me again. Sorry I got longwinded. Have a great week.

  6. PP - the good folks above me have pretty much mentioned everything that i would have said. the only thing that i will add is that in my early 20's i worked with a bunch of divorced or never married feminists. nasty crew but they at least has some small understanding of reality. in my early 30's, i worked with women who were feminists and never married and for 10yrs all i listened to was them whine that there weren't any good men out there. as far as i know, none of them has ever gotten married. as for this youngest generation of feminazis - boy are they in for a rude awakening when they hit their peak! i think a lot of them are realizing that they have to either give up their feminazi beliefs, and not have any friends left in order to finally find a man and become a wife, or they have to hold fast to their crazy beliefs (which they will soon realize are crazy if they haven't already!) and become lesbians. the only other choice is to grow old alone and die.

    anyway, something i have been meaning to ask you about - have you heard anything about the jian gomeshi trial here in canada? if not - look it up. you'll be giggling for hours and thanking me. quick bustdown: cbc's #1 rated radio host, apparently has a penchant for "50 shades of grey", some women come forward with charges of sexual abuse, 2 of the women sent over 5,000 emails between themselves saying they were going "to get the bastard", he gets fired over a year ago, his trial has just occurred, he was raked over the coals in the media all year.....oh no wait. it gets better. of all the women "abused" only 3 make it to court, 2 are "anonymous" and cannot be publicly named, but one of the women is a small-time tv star up here. she's done over 20 media interviews about her "abuse" by gomeshi. no wait. it STILL gets better. turns out all 3 women had contact with him AFTER the "abuse", all 3 women sent emails, naked photos, sent msgs, took pics with him AFTER the "abuse". you gotta look this up buddy. i couldn't make this stuff up if i tried!

    sending much love! your friend,

  7. I keep trying to post, but my stupid computer has a mind of its own. I do not like Windows 10. I did not have this problem until Windows 10 came along.

    The upshot of it is, I do not like agreeing with him, but experience has shown me that he is right.

    I have worked hard to be intelligent, rational, respectful-- all the things that mean that one deserves to have rights like suffrage, a measure of autonomy, and legal personhood. I do not wish to be property. When I was a little girl, my father taught me that the way to stop being property is to become intelligent enough to govern myself in such a way that I do not need someone else to rule over me for my own or others' safety and well-being. The sooner I accomplished that, the sooner I could stop being property ("his child") and start being autonomous ("MC, an adult"). With a few slips involving peer pressure and the desire to please (that I remain ashamed of to this day), I pretty much accomplished it around the age of 15.

    When your parent gives you a housekey (there was just the two of us, but he could have sent me to his sister's house until he got home and didn't) and no chore list (just says, "Check on the dogs, do what needs to be done for them, have dinner ready to cook when I walk in the door, and other than that, do what you think needs to be done"), that's a pretty clear indicator that you've earned adult status in that person's opinion.

    Unfortunately, like the teenaged peers that wanted to use our parent-free-until-6:30 house for a great place to party (with one exception, I didn't let them, which was a lot of the reason that I had no friends in high school), it seems like most "adults" these days just want to see how much fun they can have, how much they can get, and how much they can get away with.

    Men are bad about it too. But women are worse. By and large, the women I know are free-spending, wasteful, lazy whores.

    People, regardless of gender, who refuse to earn autonomy deserve (and need, and maybe even really want) to be chattel.

    I just don't want to lose the autonomy I've worked so hard to earn because of the behavior of those who choose to behave like someone who needs a master.

  8. I am, for lack of a better description, an anti-feminist feminist woman.
    Unlike the video, I think it is just fine for women to vote.
    Women should be free to run for office, carry a gun, whatever.
    BUT...I think something has gone horribly wrong in our western society that so many damn women are so flamin' liberal!
    I thought about this for years, and finally figured out it came down to three things:
    2)Disposable diapers
    3)The birth control pill.
    Those were the game changers, ladies and gentlemen!
    Poptarts meant there was no need for Mom to get up (or even be at home) for little Billy to get a hot breakfast before heading off to school.
    Disposable diapers meant Mom didn't have to pay as close attention to little Suzie so she wouldn't get a rash and *huzzah*, no diaper laundry to deal with.
    The birth control pill (and later, legal murd...uhm, abortions) meant that sex didn't have the same consequences it used to. For women OR men.
    All this encouraged women (and men) to detach from their families (or not have one at all). It encouraged a shallowness of emotions that is still prevalent today.
    I am feminist because I believe women have the ability to be scientists or lawyers or almost anything they want.
    I am anti-feminist because I firmly believe that once a woman has a child that child takes precedence over ANY wants/needs she has.
    I am a feminist because I think women should be allowed in the military in any/all positions they wish to be in.
    I am anti-feminist because I believe a woman going for a job MUST be able to pass the same tests (physical and mental) that men did to get that job.
    Can't pull a 200 pound man out of a burning building? Well, don't try to be a firefighter!
    Can't do a 20 mile hike with a ruck sack weighing 60 pounds? I guess the Army is not the best place for you!

    If the hyper feminist women want TRUE equality...then GIVE IT TO THEM!
    Make them pass ALL the same standards that have been set for men.
    I know, they'll rant and rave and cry...but, c'mon...equality is equality. You cannot have different standards for a job based on the applicant's gender/race/whatever.
    Long ago...when I was a child, most women were more conservative than men. They voted to protect the family. Now it seems that most women are rabid liberals that will vote to destroy families.
    I really don't know how we can change back...I doubt that we can.

    1. Ok, you said what I would have liked to much better!

  9. Hello Jay, since I posted this video on my site last, I'd like your permission to repost yours in the comments section.

    Thanks. Good job.

  10. Yes, feminism has become a big problem but why did so many men jump on board? Most likely the thought of sex without responsibility. Birth control and antibiotics have been major factors in bringing society to this point. Together we need to man up and woman up, seek God and get back on track, if that is possible.


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