Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Back From Nebraska

Made it back safely from the wilds of Nebraska. It was an interesting trip into and across a part of that state I had never been through before along the Southern section from East to West and back again. All of my experiences before this were along the Eastern edge in as far as Lincoln.

If you really want to see big agriculture machines Nebraska is the place to go. Those guys up there were still harvesting corn, beans and wheat from what I could tell and I even saw a few still working on hay fields that would fit a couple hundred Small-Holds in em with room to spare.

It really was a relaxing trip believe it or not. The roads were pretty good except for one stretch of concrete out of Lincoln that was so uneven I thought I had a flat tire. Traffic was light with only semi-trucks in any real amounts and the weather was beautiful.

My take away was pretty much the same from this part of the plains as it has been in most all of the rural West and Mid-West parts of the country I have traveled and observed. Anyone who believes the residence here are in danger of being over run by looting hoards and disorganized gangs in a post collapse situation pretty clearly has not traveled the area. It would literally take a man on foot half a day to travel from one farm to another and unless he choose his path carefully it might take much longer. Someone traveling would be under constant observation for miles and the sheer logistics involved to move a group from one target to the next would require a command structure and discipline you would never see from looters and disorganized hordes.

The vast fruited plains of America would be like a sponge that would soak up any looting horde until nothing remained and only a drip escaped back into the cities running in fear.

The only thing I would say though is it is obvious that the agricultural make up of the area would change. More than likely to more beef production over the current endless fields of irrigated corn and beans. Perhaps a lot more wheat. My guess is horses would certainly go back into fashion around there quick.

I bet it's cold int he Winter when the winds blow though.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. glad you got back safe and sound :-)

  2. i'm glad you got back safe and sound, too! your friend,

  3. Yes it would take a lot of effort and work to leave the city to look for food, something that seems absent from the mindset which is based on getting it easy. The soft targets will be the rich urban boys and girls who moved into renovated factories and didn't buy cars or guns to save the world in their own little way.

  4. A change of scenery is always nice. Senior and I always discuss the rural vs urban situation, rural always wins...I pity the people who are in the large cities, especially places like Chicago and NYC....

  5. PP,

    Good to see you back, a brief change is always nice.


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