Thursday, October 8, 2015

While the Cats Away

This is my fourth 12 hour day. I am starting to feel a bit tired and I haven't been able to do a damned thing around this place all week of course.

The animals have been allowed to go unsupervised which is never a good thing.

The sheep figured out that no one ever chains up the back gate when I am gone and pushed it open in the middle of the night. They can't get anywhere but out into the main hay field, which we are letting them into anyway, but they are suppose to stay in the barn lot at night.

The Chickens found a new mass laying spot somewhere in the barn up in the stacked hay bales and I can't find it. By the time I get home there isn't enough light left to do a good search.

Those damned Nags still refuse to die. They been refusing to do that for years though but I keep hoping.

The cats have made a shambles of the house. I swear when no one is home they entertain themselves by seeing how much stuff they can knock off every table, desk, shelf or counter.

I can see I am going to have to step up some discipline when I get done working this week.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!



  1. Your supervisors need supervision. You might hatch some chicks when you find those eggs if you have an incubator.
    We are getting sun and the mud is drying so I am back on cutting wood.

  2. Hens! Whose mission in life is not to lay anywhere where the eggs can be found!
    Hope you get some rest soon,

  3. Do you ever have the feeling you don't have animals, but a bunch of children running around??? Remember the own us, not us owning them....snickering

  4. Finding eggs can some times feel like a game of hide and seek, except for all the fun. I don't have cats at home, but I do have a parrot that we sometimes find on other ends of the house when we get home. He's rarely if ever locked in his cage, and doesn't really know he can fly but he gets a hair/feather up his backside on occasion and off he goes! He leaves me a nice mess to clean up! And only when I really don't have the time to mess with his mess!

  5. PP,

    I so know how you're feeling. Heading back down to TX today, and have no motivation, were exhausted but things have to get done.

    Nothing like playing hide and seek :P

  6. You will have to sit down with them all and give them a talking too, sometimes you get days were all the livestock seen to conspire against you, I think they get together and plan it :-)


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