Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Scary People

Most of the time I am blissfully isolated from the general public. I think it is safer for both me and the general public that way. Usually my job entails dealing with very few people directly and the only scary part is avoiding the crazies on the road. I will admit the scary people on the road seem to be multiplying by leaps and bounds these days though.

This week however as I fill in for a co-worker who is vacationing I am forced to directly interact with the unwashed masses AND there is no hiding who I am or who I am working for. Damn.

It takes a lot of effort let me tell you. I have to put myself into passive mode and channel my inner old guy around a young Woman attitude. Another words pander to them to the point of being sickening.

The one saving feature is I still have a bit of a filter in place since pretty much any customer I am forced to deal with must have income or money of some kind. This filter isn't fool proof however because many crazies still manage to get through.

What I find truly scary though is how many obviously mentally ill people out there seem to have money for new cars AND are issued drivers licenses.

Take this morning. There was a young Woman who sat in the waiting room talking to herself for three hours. Occasionally she would even piss herself off and yell "shut up". She wasn't too far removed from a middle aged Man who proceeded to wet himself at least once for sure. The mechanic who worked on the Man's car had to pull the thing outside his bay and refused to get inside it until it was sent to detail and completely cleaned.

This little slice of human reality was all before noon I might add. I could go on for paragraphs from this week alone about all the crazies that have come through the door.

Yet each of these people that I wouldn't trust with a nerf football drove away into heavy traffic after paying their bill.  I bet they are also registered Democrats too.

We are so Friggin screwed.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!!!


  1. In the old days those people would have not lasted long and would have been eaten by something on the way to grandma's house.
    Which brings up how we really don't have natural selection anymore to help thin the herd as they say. In fact it is almost in reverse,as the strange and weird multiply like goats(in more ways than one). In my world, we have animals that survive by being smart and fast but in the civilized world everyone survives and the dumber they are the faster they reproduce. Something got out of whack and it comes down to being too successful as a species. Failure is a good thing it levels things out but we have become socialized to the point of no natural selection going on.

    1. Sf - Ya the government pretty much subsidizes and rewards these idiots with our money, promoting more of them in the process.

      I have always said what we need is a bunch of top end predators....

  2. PP,

    Amen to being screwed!!!
    Hubby and I have been commuting to TX the last several weekends to work on the estate. The drivers are terrible, we were almost killed twice by tractor trailers. As for regular car drivers, many terrible drivers to keep count.

  3. I have gotten to the point where if we have to go to the big town to shop 100 miles away no longer take the car. I need the pick up to feel a little safer with all the crazies talking and texting or stoned on pot on the road. They think nothing of just swerving into our lane and oblivious even to a truck horn.

  4. Dennis

    I am a little confused are you saying you hate the mentally ill and would like to have house them, preferably in large oven. On the other hand, are you saying something else? I know I do not have a vehicle and am well potty trained for so one who is mental ill. Not all of the mental ill are at that stage you describe. In addition, most mental illness hits in the 20s so they problem had worked and made money just like you. I know a person that worked in the nuclear theoretical science area. I have seen many sane people that should be classed as insane.

  5. We are quite isolated from the majority of people as well. Back in the UK we had jobs which required close contact with 'sane' and 'insane' people, and this was just in the offices we worked in! I think there is a very narrow boundary between these two states of being which can stretch one's patience to the limit when trying to work with them.


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