Friday, October 9, 2015

Fear the Walking Dead Social Engineering Writers

Season six of "The Walking Dead" starts up this weekend. We have had a bit of a bonus the last couple of weeks with the introduction of the spinoff series "Fear the Walking Dead" which starts off in LA and gives a different perspective from the original series. As I feared though the AMC writers just cannot stay away from pressing the standard Hollywood social agenda and falling prey to the usual race hustlers.

"The Walking Dead" has been taking some very vocal hits about being too White since the day Rick left Morgan and headed out to find his wife and Carl. Notice I did not say a majority of hits from fans, just some vocal race baiters out there but like all of Hollywood's writers they tried over and over to make amends and shut this vocal minority up. Trouble is it was never enough. They complained that Merle got the best of the second Black Male character. They then complained that Black Males numbers 3 and 4 were wimps and that the Black pastor is such an idiot malcontent lying coward.

Never mind the fact that "minorities" have been over represented (compared to population) in the series since about the second season and the writers tried a little reverse social reality engineering and paired Glen off with Maggy (And made sure Maggy's Father Hershel gave a long speech about immigrants building America to boot) until the writers gave the Multi-Cult crowd a strong Black Man they were not going to be silent.

Oh and that Man better have a White Woman too.

They tried various things. Gave Black Man number 3 a White Girlfriend for a short while and made him the penultimate protector of Women and Children but it wasn't enough.

So they bring back Morgan. Now cured of his insanity and walking around like some Zen monk baddass. Normally a role reserved for David Carridine in a B-level kung fu movie I think.

I am going to be interested to see how they develop this one out in season 6. I guess they used Morgan's character and actor because Morgan Freeman was too expensive or unavailable to play the Wise, tough old Black Man roll like he does in every movie made since 1990. The introduction of the Gay Male couple also didn't get them the recognition of the Multi-Cult they had hoped for either.

However the writers and producers had an idea. Let's do a spinoff series in Kalifornia. This way they can fill it with minorities and all the Non-White Male to White Female relationships the Multi-Cult demands. We can even make up a Black Male Billionaire with a yacht to boot.

OK. Now to be honest I don't know what the background story will be on this "Fear the Walking Dead" hero in the end. Perhaps he doesn't actually own that boat or the house from the last episode. If they do spin it that he does then they have once again created a character just as fictional as Morgan Freeman designing a tail for a dolphin. You can look it up if ya want but it would take a billionaire to own a yacht like that and the actual engineer was a White guy.

Sometimes I find myself actually cheering for the zombies these days.

You can shrug all this Hollywood social engineering through entertainment off if you wish. The series is still kinda fun to watch regardless but I think it is important to call out obvious propaganda when I see it.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. I don't watch hollywood any more the news has enough fiction in it.

    1. Sf - I still watch a few shows but all of them are filled with PCness to some degree or another. There have been a few that I have stopped watching because of it.

  2. We don't have TV, but I do watch TV programmes on YouTube. My recent watching was 'The Great British Bake Off'. It does not have any zombies in it, just people in a baking competition making cakes, pastries, and breads!

    1. Vera - Same with us only Netfliks and such on the computer. I am not into cooking shows though :)

  3. I watched 2 episodes of Fear and gave up. Just too idiotic .I hope the Walking will do better tomorrow. But I doubt it.

    Carl in the Up

    1. Carl - I actually didn't mind the slower beginning. The obvious race mixing turned me off but watching the thing unfold kept me somewhat interested. I had mixed feelings about it but what the hell I had nothing else to watch.

    2. I guess the junkie son, the know it all daughter, the befudled wife and wimp husband were just too much for me. This happens with all decent series. Good original series for a season or two then it all goes to hell. Just like this country.


    3. Carl - Believe me I totally understand where you are coming from. I know many like to just say racist but I am tired of seeing my particular group constantly belittled, downplayed or ignored.

      Once the Hollywood social engineers take it and run it's time to switch it off.

  4. Sounds like reading British reviews of fiction. They always seem to start off with the whether or not their were appropriate roles for women. Even in the lightest of fantasies it comes up. And if there is ever an award to be given out, they always want to know the race/sex of the authors. It matters not at all that women dominate in a whole variety of genres, they must always be included among the best.


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