Friday, October 16, 2015

Tractor Time - Too Tired To Post

Well Fall has arrived. The Ewes are teasing the poor Rams through the fence seemingly unaware that in only about two weeks those poor Rams will have their revenge. The sun keeps setting earlier and earlier.

These cooler nights also make me sleepy earlier too. Some of the Tractor Girls are also putting on longer sleeves or shirt tails.

Not all of them though. I imagine next week I will start putting all the implements up in the loafing shed. The horses may not like having a third of their shelter roped off for equipment storage but they are still left with plenty of room to get in out of the bad weather.

Besides they should be happy all those implements help keep them fed over Winter it's only fair they share part of the storage space costs. I still can't fit everything back into the barn because of all the hay in there.

Soon it will be time for "In the Hay" posts. There is always work for them to do.

As usual click for a larger image.


  1. It is cooling down here to a frost in a day or so, tractor girls are wearing lots of clothes here. Well outside anyway.

  2. We have had frost every night for 3 weeks or so. It was -4C this morning at 8am. It's supposed to get about 12C tomorrow afternoon so last warmish weekend to finish projects.



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