Saturday, October 17, 2015

Newest Implement Addition and Possible Bad News

I lent out my log splitter to a multi-generational family friend (Another words our families have been friends since time began) the other day and when I delivered it they had this old Oliver manure spreader sitting under a shed.

Now I have an old John Deere L series spreader that all the wood siding is bad on but otherwise works I been thinking about restoring. Just out of curiosity I asked them how much they wanted for this one because it was in really good shape and they said $300.00.

I bought it on the spot and gave em $400.00 for it because it was worth more than $300.00. I still kinda feel I was taking advantage of them but they wouldn't take any more than the $100.00 extra.

So today I brought her home.

Now the bad news. I started up the 861 and took off the tiller. Ran her over and started pulling the Manure Spreader off the trailer and the tractor started knocking. She was completely out of oil.

I am still kicking myself because I almost never start one of my old girls without checking the oil. I used her just last week when I tilled the pumpkin spot and I checked it then and the level was fine. I am guessing the temp change with me leaving her outside this week caused a leak around the drain plug because there was a spot of oil under where she sat I noticed after the fact.

I shut her off as soon as I heard a knock and she was still running but I only had a gallon of oil available and she needs 5 quarts to be full so I am waiting until tomorrow to fill her up and see if I killed her or not. It's going to drive me crazy wondering if I ruined my favorite tractor until I run to the store tomorrow. I am still kicking myself over not checking before I started her up but I was so excited about the manure spreader it slipped my mind.

Man I hope I didn't do some severe damage.

Lesson learned. The one time since I bought her I start her without checking and it's the one time something happens.

Oh well keep your fingers crossed for me. It wasn't more than three small knocks and I saw no metal shavings in the pan.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Are you telling me that I am supposed to check the oil in those things? I guess I should do it even though 5 years hasn't gone by. Just trying to make you laugh, I haven't had one go that low,strange that it would leak like that.It may have just heated up and got tight on you and do fine once you put more oil in. Motors can be forgiving at times like this.

    1. Sf - Boy I don't know. I remember vividly checking it before running it last week and it was fine. I started her up and she ran ok then I noticed some weird smoke and then knocking and I shut her down. Checked the oil and nothing in her. Man I am so pissed at myself right now. Maybe it's a rear seal or something. These old Fords often show zero oil pressure so the gauges are almost useless.

      The only bright spot is she was running when I shit her off so there is hope I guess. I can't really afford an entire new engine build on the old girl.

  2. It will be fine! You doubt you ran it long enough to cause major damage.
    You mean you don't use that miracle additive that lets you fun them all day without oil? :-)
    You ever see that con man at the local fair who drains the oil sump & then runs the engine he has on a trailer?

    1. MV - Heh I would never try it. ONly thing I can say is she didn't run more than 10 minutes before the knock and I was already looking at the odd smoke so I was nervous so the first knock and she was off.

      I thought I had learned this lesson years ago but I got lazy. I am going to b kicking myself over this all night.

  3. I think your biggest lesson on this for being a sustainer is to invest in a 45 gallon drum and rotary pump. Running out of oil like that at the wrong time would be serious bad news. Kept under cover and sealed sump oil, gearbox oil and hydraulic fluid will keep almost indefinitely. You should also find it is substantially cheaper in the long term!

    1. Ro - Not a bad idea that's for sure. Actually more liquid storage is on my list but it's after I get the equipment shed finished.

      I am going to be kicking myself over this for a while now.

  4. PP,

    Oh no!!! I pray you didn't ruin your favorite tractor.
    Strangest thing, we took off for TX with the started making a strange noise. Hubby pulled into a LOVES gas station, come to find out we were down 3 quarts of oil. Thank God he heard the strange noise, put 3 quarts of oil in and she purred like a kitten. We had no leaks, the expedition just has high mileage, and with the weather well you know how that is. When we returned home we did an oil change, with high mileage oil and she's just fine. Like you, we always check our oil before taking the trucks out.....this time we didn't.


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