Wednesday, October 28, 2015


I just spent the ENTIRE day on the phone.... Actually on two different phones because one ran out of juice. With some Asian guy (At least I think it was a guy) trying to get my internet working once again.

It blew up this morning at about 9AM and has taken all day to get it back. Don't know what they did but I know they couldn't seem to fix it once they did it.

My guess is someone was updating a data base somewhere and screwed us up once again but you will never get them to admit such a thing.

Anyway my post for today was lost and I got nothing now until I redo it.

I hate our internet company.


  1. One of your tractor girls probably ran over a cable with the new tractor and messed it up, they probably taped it back together while you were on the phone.
    I have been working in the brewery today, much more pleasant than your ordeal.

    1. i believe that Sunnybrook Farm is on to something here - bahahahah!

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  3. deleted my comment and sent you an email instead. you'll giggle. sending much love buddy! your friend,

  4. its a dry run for when it goes for ever :-)


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