Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Got Very Little Done Today

I got almost nothing worth speaking of done today and it wasn't because I was following in the foot steps of the above slacker either. My internet crashed at about 9AM and it took hours to get it back up and running. Somehow all the information in the modem/router thing was deleted and so the entire setup had to be redone, and done again, and again......

Finally about 4PM it started working.

Guess who kept me company while I went through this ordeal? It's actually gotten cool enough the cats are seeking out heat sources and looking at me the same way Mrs. PP does......

Will you start a fire?

I did manage to get one thing done today though. I officially moved the sheep from the big hay field into the West pasture in preparation for breeding separation. This will give them about a week to eat the West pasture down before switching over to feeding hay every day. I then opened up the gate between the horse pasture and the hay field to allow the useless nags to graze on the remaining grass left in the hay field. The sheep barely put a dent in the remaining grass of the hay field and the horse pasture is pretty much done for the year now. This way both groups get another week or so of forage until the cold kills what's left and we are reduced to feeding hay all around.

In other news we actually got a little over half an inch of rain yesterday and then this afternoon I found eight eggs in the barn. This is the largest single day production of eggs we have seen so far.

As usual it's a good news/bad news couple of days. The increased egg production is good but at the rate things are going I am not sure the rams will continue to tolerate the wait until I put the ewes into their paddocks. The ewes are being merciless in their teasing and the rams are about ready to just break the fences down. The ram paddock fences are not in the best of shape yet anyway but we don't want lambs born before the end of March so we need at least one more week of separation.

After two days of 12 hour shifts and today's internet waste I am once again so far behind I don't even know where to begin. Going to take me all day tomorrow just to get kick started and figure out the new priority of projects. It's also time to start putting the hay implements up for Winter.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Well it was only Wednesday, you got the rest of the week, you probably needed a break anyway. I got away for the day to make some beer with some of my heirloom corn at the brewery. Back to work tomorrow as the latest rain is finally leaving I hope, water and mud everywhere. Our chickens are still holding out on eggs.

    1. Sf - What are you doing with the corn? Does it work for an ale?

      Still dry as a bone here really. The rain Tuesday helped a little but not much.

      Got five more eggs today. They seem to be hitting their stride.

  2. Sounds like you were busy, none the less. And I like the pic of your supervisor. Cute little kitty.

    Enjoy those eggs - they are a rare commodity around here with the cold, longer nights and molt. At this rate, I think they are on strike until Spring.

    1. hobo - Not sure whats up with these hens. Only one showed molting signs and the others are filling out nicely. They seem to like the cooler weather so far too.

  3. my chooks are off lay at the moment with the short days so I am setting up a light in there house to encourage them to back into lay, I hope your fences hold and the rams dont break through :-)

    1. DM - One fence is really close to going. I need to get on those ram paddocks they are in sad shape.


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