Monday, August 3, 2015

Time for a Little Tractor Lovin

First off sorry I am so far behind in replying to comments. Been trying to cram so much into these hot but at least dry days I can barely find enough time to post.

Today I spent most of the morning and midday trying to get my little Craftsman riding mower to work.  Finally figured out the switch that won't let it start if the blades are engaged was going bad. That took hours of trouble shooting so I went ahead and put a new fuel filter on it too.

Then it was out to the fence project and I got almost all the horizontal support boards put on the posts. I would have finished except my dad called and told me he had found some guy parting out an old Ford 900 tractor.

Many people may not know this but most all of the sheet metal from the NAA to the thousand series produced in 62 will fit any version made during that roughly 13 year span. New sheet metal runs about $140.00 per part and the entire hood section is made up of six parts (not counting the front emblem) . This guy was selling the entire hood section with an emblem (although not the one I need emblem-wise) for $150.00.

So we bought it.

No rust on the one he was selling. Faded paint though but my plan is to have this one cleaned and re-painted and replace the rusted sheet metal on the 861 with it.

I will need to buy some new decals and a new medallion that goes with the 861's year as well but that's the fun part.

I told you the old girl needed some tractor love. So it begins.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Stephen - It should make the old girl look 100 times better.

  2. PP,

    There you go, another great deal!!!

    1. Sandy - I am thinking about going back and buying the rear fenders too.

  3. From the sounds of it, you have certainly been very, very busy with all of the projects you are trying to manage (at once). It is very understandable that you have not had the opportunity to keep up with replying to the posts. It looks like you made a really great purchase there from the pictures that you have posted.

    Heidi Sutton @ Ag Source Magazine


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