Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Everything is Set for Wire Stretching Now

After I went and finished up yet another mowing cycle in preparation for a couple of days of rain we supposedly might get. I managed to get back to work on the fence project without interruptions for a change.

I ran out my guide rope and picked up an eight foot measuring stick (standard 2x2") hefted up the fence post pounder and went to town.

33 metal fence posts later I was finished with phase three of this project.

It's amazing how much more work something like this is than it first appears. Phase one was cleaning up all the old electric fence and getting the posts out oft he ground. Phase two was putting in all the wooden corner posts along with support posts and horizontal support boards. Phase three is measuring out and pounding in all the metal posts again. While phase four will be running the roll of wire out, stretching it and putting it in place.

As you can see from the top picture I once again had lots of help. I just don't understand why the flock always gravitate to where ever I am out in the pastures but sure as the sun will rise once they see me out there doing something they all eventually come close. A few of the special ones (Like Boris, Seven, Patch and Sammich) will come right up and start rubbing their heads on me while I am working. The lambs, now pretty well grown, will start nibbling on the guide rope, sniffing and licking any tools I leave laying around etc.

The sheep seem to now be the closest thing to a supervisor I have anymore. The Queen, one of my old supervisors, doesn't leave the porch or her lounging spot on the wood stove much anymore and since the death of my Piglet cat I have been supervisor-less. None of the younger cats seem to want the job.

The Queen, also known as the Manager, is happy to let me work non-supervised these days as long as I make sure to pet her and rub her belly as I am on my way in or out of the door. She got too used to delegating her supervisor roll to Piglet and just doesn't think she needs to get involved in that kind of activity again. Come to think of it she is getting rather old now so I guess it is time to slow down.

Maybe someday I can lounge on the porch while my son and his kids (if he ever has any) do all the work?

It could happen.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Maybe you have reached a new level of efficiency, the supervisors feel that you don't need supervision based on the work you have done. Like the Wizard of Oz story, you only need a diploma to show the world.

    1. Sf - Maybe. It could be that we don't have any young female cats around though. They always seemed to be the nosiest supervisors. The neutered males don't seem to care :)

  2. i'm with Sunnybrook Farm above. it's that or maybe the superivisin' cats just ain't interested in fence work. because it's for the sheep. and cats and sheep don't share the love...ya know? but ya, buddy, you bin up to your eyeballs in this fence work for a while now. i hope it's done soon for you.

    sending much love, like usual. your friend,
    (p.s. - one day soon i expect a pic of you lounging on the deck all fat and handsome - bahahahahahah! like your cat in the pic. very handsome cat, he is.)

    1. kymber - Well I will admit that the cats don't really like the sheep for the most part. Stray cats that show up though will make it a point to use the sheep pastures as a kinda safe zone to travel around since they know there aren't any real predators that can get in there.

      I am already fat :(

  3. my "project manajor" has turned into a lazy sob himself - i truly feel your pain!!!

    1. Jamby - Ya I don't know it's like they just get tired of us or something.


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