Sunday, August 9, 2015

Rooster Adventure Continues - And then there were two

So it turns out the two roosters who went to the ivy covered tree in the front yard were the smarter ones. They made it through the night unharmed.

The one who ran away back behind the bee hives was somethings breakfast. My guess is a coyote since all I found were a few feathers. Whatever it was had to have been large enough to subdue the rather large rooster with little feather loss and then carry the body way off without leaving a feather or blood trail to follow.

The shame of this is that had the outside dog not been inside it more than likely wouldn't have happened as he is good about guarding the place. Of course he might have killed the chicken himself anyway which is the big catch 22.

The other two came out this morning and walked around all day doing the job I would want chickens to do. Whenever they heard me out working they eventually came to where I was at staying just out of reach. I almost got them caught and put back into the barn lot but they are a bit too nervous yet for that type of activity. They are still deathly afraid of the sheep which is the real problem. Supposedly they were left in the barn with horses at their old place but the concept of sheep is just too much for them. It doesn't help that the sheep come up and try and lick the stupid birds either.

By mid afternoon the remaining two birds were obviously feeling more secure, probably falsely so, and wondering all over the place. At dusk they once again came over to the barn and were enticed by me feeding them some oats but then saw the sheep and hightailed it back to their ivy tree.

I guess we will see if they make it through the night.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. They will probably go back to same tree every night. Sneak out there like a good chicken thief and grab them after dark, throw them in the barn and lock them up for a couple of days. They will go back every night once they realize that is "home". If you try to catch them in the day time you will be so frustrated you will hope something kills them. They go into a trance like sleep and are much easier to catch at night. Grab by one leg and hold up side down. Blood rushes to a very small "brain" and they become docile. Just stick a pole about 5 feet high in the corner of barn and they will sleep there every night. Good luck. Chasing chickens can make a person lose their religion in a hurry.
    Peg in Florida

    1. Peg - I should take a picture of this tree and you will see why that may not work. I cannot even see them once they are in there. The only way that might be possible is if I go over and figure out where they are inside right when they bed down then maybe I can go back and find them after dark. As long as the dog doesn't go after them that tree is more than likely safer than the barn for them for the time being. Nothing get's passed that dog at night.

      You are right though I need to get them into thinking of the barn as home. I will use your advice. Next time I am going to build a little coop with a pen and leave any new chickens in it for a couple of days to get used to the barn lot as their home.

    2. So the son and I went out with a big flash light and tried to find the birds in the ivy. Never did see a one of them. I am 100% sure they are in there somewhere just not sure which part or how high up.

  2. If you want to tempt them in try grapes. Chickens love them. Then as peg says pen them in for a few days whilst they form the habit of sleeping in the barn.

  3. I use a pole with a wire on the end that is bent in the hairpin curve shape. You want it to fit tight on the bird's leg and not let the foot come out. Spread the end open pretty wide so you can grab them easy. They will act like you are killing them but their little brains won't hold it against you for very long. Try not to slip it over their necks though it is tempting.


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