Tuesday, August 11, 2015

An Old Liberal Government Type is Culturally Enriched.

Had to make a journey into the belly of the beast today, although luckily my destination was way South of the disturbance areas. Staying on the Southern rout meant I had to crawl through some road construction on the way out after lunch hour.

Why is it traffic in big cities always seems to explode right around noon and then stay bad the rest of the day? Do the non-working city people just sleep till noon and then come out and clog everything up?

Anyway took me twice as long to get out as it did to get in. Part of that was because once I picked up the vehicle I was driving out I had to go find a gas station to fuel up at. They seem to always be harder to find in the cities these days. Then you have to find one you can actually pull into without going down to an intersection and making a series of left turns etc. etc.

Finally I found a QT to go fill up at. A rather ominous choice but as I said I was way South of any gas station burning areas this trip. I am pumping the gas into a brand new 2016 F-150. The identification sheet I had on it said it was Winter metallic or some such color. Just looked white to me. The aluminum body is all the rage this year I guess as I been transporting F-150's all over the Midwest the last few months. This truck had 3.7 miles on it when I pulled in. All but .6 of those had been with me behind the wheel trying to find a gas station.

While I am pumping away the lady next to me ( I am guessing in her Mid 50's in age) starts complaining about how she had come all the way down to this part of town to pick up I-270 and sneak out home down I-64 like I was doing except she had come down along the Mississippi rather than around the Northern rout of I-270 South through Florrisant. I believe the Northern part of 270 actually goes between Ferguson and Florrisant there for a ways. If I am not mistaken the Wal-Mart that was looted last year is right on that part of the interstate.

Anyway whatever her reasoning she ended up next to me pumping gas and complaining about it. There she stood next to her Mercedes SUV of some type, maybe three or four years old tops with an Obama sticker (I noticed as she drove in. I always notice them) and a McCaskill sticker as well. A city government parking tag in the top left hand corner of the windshield just completed the initial evaluation for me.

The whole time she is complaining about having to take a detour I'm thinking it's pretty obvious she has rode the wave of Feminist/Multi-Cultism producing millions of make work government jobs tailor made for Women to increase the Affirmative Action numbers. She works for the very government that has continuously hyped about oppressed minorities, injustices and pumped trillions into telling these Black rioters for years they are victims and now she has the nerve to complain about the world she helped to create?

Why the only creature I would find more hypocritical would be some old guy who panders to every Woman he comes across complaining about how disrespectful the Blacks and Women are these days.

This Woman obviously idolizes the very enablers of the riots she was complaining about. The chances are about 90 to 1 her career has been built around enabling and promoting these riots, not directly of course but what the hell did she think was going to happen? She has more than likely helped it along for decades.

Rather than get into some big argument with her that would have been useless anyway, I just said that "Obummer and his justice department determined the rioters were in the right didn't they"? Got in the truck and drove off.

I don't think she was too happy with my reply but maybe she got the point.

My bet is there are going to be a lot of people getting the point as this decline continues. Chickens and roosting sort of thing.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. That woman was probably trying to make conversation with the only real man that she has come into contact with in many moons. Depending on where she works, she may only get to see the running of the steers, which really turns out to be the well groomed guys going down to the break room to buy healthy treats.

    1. Sf - LOL. Something was up. I really thought the camo shorts and hat with the beard would make her afraid of me.

    2. Nope, for those depraved feminists who are stuck with hairless males, your outfit was practically a mating call!

  2. Replies
    1. Matt - Not when I am driving for the dealership. They don't allow it and if I had to go into Illinois well being armed there would be more dangerous than not being armed in Ferguson. I do have a couple of backup non-lethal defense things but mostly I just rely on not putting myself in any dangerous situations why driving vehicles I don't personally own.


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