Tuesday, August 11, 2015

An Almost Perfect Day

I hafta admit today was the closest thing to perfect I have experienced since last Summer. The high never exceeded the low 80's, there was a nice cool breeze blowing with some clouds but only enough to be refreshing and almost no humidity. It was just a day made for getting all kinds of outside work done.

So what did I do? I mowed lol. I mowed the lawn, I mowed the front pasture, I mowed around the bee hives.

The first non-perfect thing to go wrong was I bent a blade on one of the riding lawn mowers but luckily I had a spare I put on it.

While I was putting the spare blade on the two roosters ran into the barn!!!! I had them trapped and put them in the stall I want to turn into the chicken coop area and fed them all sorts of good stuff. Some tomatoes, grapes, cracked corn and oats along with some fresh hay off a bale from the last cutting.

Those damned birds were in heaven and they stayed in that stall all day long. My plan was to keep em in there for a few days until they thought of it as home. I went in and built em a roost even.

Then about sundown here they came out of the barn. The only way they could have gotten out of that stall was to fly straight up at least 15 feet or more into the hay loft and then jump back down. I guess I am going to have to cover the top of the stall too.

Oh well at least it is progress.

Here's the tree they like to roost in. It's covered in some kind of vine that is impossible to get rid of so I just been letting it take over.

The boys have been roosting about 6 foot or so up in the tree nestled into the vines. They are so far back in there I had to crawl in with them to find em this evening. I tried pulling one out last night but he was so tangled in vines I couldn't get him out.

The Women folk (My Wife and my Mother) reminded me tonight that the roosters have so far managed to survive past the three nights I gave them. They then began hinting around that perhaps we should think about adding in some hens. I guess if I can put a top on the stall I had em in and we locked the hens up in there for a few days maybe the roosters would then start roosting in there like I want em to?

I am just hoping that feeding them in there will be enough to make them go back after I get the top mesh put in. I just didn't figure they would fly up that high to get out.

Since the day was so pleasant I had all kinds of volunteer supervisors around after I finished mowing. This one is Cali. We don't usually see much of her as she was a dropoff from a couple of years back. It took almost two years of feeding her before she would let one of us pet her. As near as I can tell she lived under one of the out buildings during that time. Now she comes in the house when she wants to but that is pretty rare except during the Winter. She is usually just off hiding somewhere but today she wanted to play supervisor and kept popping up wherever I was working.

Since the mowing is caught up now I am going to see if I have any honey to pull tomorrow.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!!


  1. Chicken lives matter.
    If you cut the long feathers off of one wing, they will crash when they take off.

    1. Sf - I have not decided if I am going to keep em from flying yet. On one hand it would be easier if they couldn't but on the other there is the damned dog to worry about too.

  2. that is one awesome-looking new supervisor! and congrats on having a nice day! sending much love! your friend,

    1. kymber - She is a biter too. She comes up meowing for attention and then bites ya after about 2 pets.

  3. Thus the saying a chicken in the barn is worth two in the trees...??? Isn't that how that saying went? ;D

    1. Matt - That sounds about right in this case regardless :)


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