Tuesday, July 14, 2015

OMG Who Turned on the Heat?

Well it's certainly drying up now pretty fast although the inside of the barn is still rather mushy when you walk on it.

The entire outside smells like new mown hay from all the farmers rushing to get the hay in and everybody else mowing their yards as fast as possible.

With the return of the Sun came the heat though and it's been in the mid to upper 90's with heat indexes well above 100 all week now. I been so busy getting the mowing caught up I forgot to break out the solar wax melter and begin rendering off this massive amount of comb and cappings I got. I need to get on that.

While the heat is hard on us humans it is extra horrible for the poor sheep. They come up and look at me like I am crazy when I try and explain to them that their wool act as insulation. Marris above just asked if I wanted to try wearing a wool coat in this heat. Oh and fill this damned water tank up again too, for the fourth time today.

I think they want their own wading pool but that would just make em hotter once the wool got wet.

Hazel always the optimist when it comes to someone close by having some food for her is actually a prepper ewe. If you notice she packed in her own food up to the water tanks in case there was a shortage or something.  I think Boris noticed that leaf on her head and ate it right after this picture was taken though.

Damned looters.

The sheep pretty much go out and forage during the morning and then lay in the shade to cool off before venturing back out. Once the heat sets in like this we check the water tanks at least three times a day for them. I have thought about buying one of those big shop fans and hanging it from the barn loft to blow down on them during the day. Might help with the flies too.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. It's probably my fault lately I've been deliberately taunting summer for not showing up since the kids haven't had much of a summer vacation from school this year.

    They're cutting hay like crazy at this end of the state too, and boy are my allergies feeling it.

  2. At least the wet stuff is giving you a break I like Autumn a nice happy medium :-)

  3. Great Pics

    Carl in the UP

  4. I have a box fan in my barn. The goats ALL lay in front of it during the day, it's hilarious. I also have to haul water at least three times a day to the thirsty beasts. My arms look amazing this Summer. My little one is always wanting me to flex my muscles when people come over, lol!
    Cute sheep!

  5. I have a fan for our goat barn. Its not one of the big shop fans but I have one. We are hitting 100 now with heat index over as well. We have been lucky to just now start hitting 100s, they usually start much sooner.

    Your sheep are pretty. Hazel looks like she is telling you all about it in that photo lol

    I want to see pictures of your solar wax melter and how you do all that! Don't forget to get some pictures. :O)

  6. PP,

    OMG is it hot!!!! It's a real good thing you fill the water tanks numerous times a day for your goats. I've considered one of those darn wading pools for us adults to just sit when we get overheated working outside.....LOL

    I think a fan would make a difference for your sheep.

  7. Summer has arrived her, but we have still not moved to triple digits yet. I am hopeful we can avoid that, although a little of that May rain would be welcome agout now.


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