Monday, July 13, 2015


We have had three entire days now of sun and heat. No rain at all and the locals have been hitting the hay baling hard let me tell you. This afternoon they changed the forecast and seemed pretty convinced we were going to get hit with a huge thunderstorm front but it didn't pan out. But did it ever kick the locals with bales still out int he fields into super high gear. At one point I had one offer to pay me to help him load up some bales with my 861 except I haven't gotten it fixed yet. Otherwise I would have been happy to help.

As it turned out though it was a false alarm and the front never formed like predicted.

Fine with me. We need at least another week of high temps, dry wind and no rain to get back to normal.

I got a line on an old Ford baler that I am suppose to look at this next weekend so perhaps by next week if I can get the starting issue figured out on the 861 I may be joining them in putting up some hay. Otherwise I will have to wait until one of them has enough free time to come do it themselves.

So why everyone was out baling hay I went over and hooked a brand new brush hog up on the old 8N over at the farm we used to own. I think I mentioned my Dad sold his place off several years ago but the guy who bought it lives out in Colorado so we take care of the place for him which includes taking care of the old tractors. The old brush hog was worn out so we went and bought a new one at the owners request a couple weeks ago.

I tell ya setting one of those things up with all the proper support bars, cutting the PTO shaft (especially messing with these new shrouds) and all that is more a pain than you would think. It took me over three hours to get it all set up right. It didn't help that the old brush hog had been permanently attached to the 8N over the years bit by bit as things broke. In fact I was so used to having a brush hog permanently attached to that particular 8N I kinda thought thats all they were good for until I got older. Eventually I got all the old wired on pins and corroded clips removed and got her all hooked up.

When I got home one of the lambs had managed to find her way into the useless old nag pasture. That took literally hours to get her back out and around with the rest of the flock.

I guess tomorrow I will need to go figure out how she got out. I really need to get back onto the fencing project soon.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Our farmers didn't start bailing until 3 weeks ago or so. Talk about high yield.

  2. Glad my hay making is done for the year, one less thing to worry about.

  3. We are getting the rain here now. Glad that you guys are going to get some hay, that is always a big worry. The Ferguson system used in the 8N and MF offspring has to be one of the most revolutionary farming inventions of the 20th century.

  4. We have found a guy who does the square bales and have asked will he come bale our hay. Its a long shot... the answer is usually, no time, have more work than I can get to now. Plus once they see we have some trees in our pasture some won't bale it for that reason. I guess they just have so much work they can pick and choose. But we ask anyway! Have our fingers crossed.


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