Friday, April 24, 2015

Preparing for Just in Time Demographics

I hafta admit I get a chuckle when I see complaints about open borders, illegal immigration, amnesty etc. etc.

Not that I am all for allowing Hispanics, Africans or anyone else in by the millions to be sure but I can't help but be amazed at all the people out there who somehow sound shocked about it but cannot put two and two together and figure out that their very way of life depends on this final Hail Mary play by the politicians.

Personally I would love to see the anti-Amnesty/No Open Borders crowd win a huge victory and stop all this importing of the third world in it's tracks. Maybe even reverse it and send the illegals back. We can blame rampant immigration for most of today's police state issues, crime, a huge chunk of welfare and any number of other things we would be better off without.

Yet the facts are clear. Feminism and the bloated governments it brought with it from local cities and counties all the way up to the Federal juggernaut has sealed our fate. The politicians have no other option if they hope to keep the promises they made but invite in every possible tax payer they can, anyway they can.

New Minority Growth is Occurring Just in Time

Yet were it not for new minorities, the country’s labor force would decline by 8 percent.  Moreover, within the labor force, new minorities add needed youthfulness that brings with it innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. Projections of the labor force show that in 2030, 54 percent of new minorities will be under age 40, compared to well under half of the rest of the labor force population.

These same people who scream about this rampant immigration will turn around and vote for increased medicare, demand their social security or pension payments and expect communities like Detroit or Scranton or Chicago to "Honor their promises" as the citizens vacate and the tax base disappears.

Open borders and unrestrained immigration is the price we pay for the lifestyle we been living for the last five decades. It's the first few payments coming due for the outrageous promises and massive creation of government make work employees. The government is hoping that these people will pay the debt because there is no where else to turn.

Of course this plan will fail and fail hard. Immigration has already changed this country and made it unrecognizable from what it was even a few decades ago. This cure for American debt will still kill the patient and bleed it dry while doing so. Make no mistake preparing for the eventual end game of mass immigration is just as much a collapse scenario as a financial crisis, EMP attack or Solar flare event. In fact mass immigration is one of the leading symptoms of a financial collapse as it slowly overwhelms the system along with the other causes. However immigration is a problem more easily dealt with after the financial collapse than some other problems.

For one most of these immigrants have little or no loyalty to the country, Constitution or anyone outside their own ethnic groups. Somalis may in fact find Michigan liveable with massive welfare, heating assistance and automobiles but I seriously doubt they are going to find it comfortable once the first Winter hits after a collapse. The same can be said for about any racial group crammed together in North American cities actually. This mass immigration has not in fact ever been a colonization by historical rules, there has been no accumulation of land or sustainable communities by the immigrants, it has simply been a movement of the unwanted from one country to ours. There has been no Guatemalan farmers or Kenyan ranchers. Certainly immigrants have taken jobs but they have not infiltrated the areas of true survival a community and country needs to sustain itself.

As the money dwindles there will be a reversal of this migration. It has been fueled by government debt and it will only continue by government debt. Self sufficiency, being debt free yourself and able to feed yourself in a rural environment is the best option for dealing with this aspect of the coming collapse.

Staying out of the way of convenient migration paths back South might help as well.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. Certainly wouldn't want to be in their way heading south when the free shit army can't feed them no more. It'll be as bad as standing in front of the time clock in a union factory when the horn sounds at closing time.


    1. Matt - Heh ya it would be bad at least at first and depending on the time of year. It may also come about as slow as this slide we are in. May start with a trickle and then build to a flood as entitlements are cut.

      It all depends on how long the creditors keep giving credit I guess.

  2. i may be missing the point entirely here...but the America we know today was founded by immigrants...and people are complaining about new people coming over to make a new life? i'm British and our people too are complaining about immigration, yet i think those same complainers have forgotten their history lessons, both America and Britain were founded on immigration. Even the Australia we know today wouldn't exist if not for the penal colonies going in and taking over land from the native Aborigines. I think we have become spoiled in our sense of entitlement and people need to step back and re evaluate the situation.

    1. UD - America was not founded by immigrants it was founded by colonist. There is in fact a HUGE difference and as long as new colonist for the most part came in and had a place to go there were no issues. Once the frontier became closed and we began getting real immigrants the influx slowed way down for very obvious reasons. It wasn't until the 1960 that the flood gates were opened up once again and for more nefarious reasons than simply giving people a chance at a better life.

      As it really turns out the only thing increased immigration is good for is taking jobs from those who are already here and more political power for politicians and big business. Those are now at odds with the people. If it wasn't for all this debt we wouldn't need more and more people.

      I don't know a thing about Aborigines or much at all about Australian history but in North America I don't think a few scattered stone age bands that come out to less than 1 human per 500 square miles has a claim to an entire continent. Especially when there is evidence that Europeans had already been here before.

      I agree though we have become spoiled in our sense of entitlement. Everyone of us in one way or another. I am certainly not leaving me and/or mine out of that statement either.

  3. nailed it like usual PP. and as jam says - if businesses weren't hiring illegals and paying them under the table, this wouldn't be such a problem. but there are a ton of jobs that honest illegals will do, and work for way less than a white person, and be happy to be paid under the table.

    your friend,
    (p.s. - catching up on all of your posts now)

    1. Kymber - Yes I imagine that has a lot to do with it. As I said above immigration only benefits big government and big business so there is a coloration.

      I need to catch up on everyone's blogs as well :)


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