Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Looks like it's stray cat time again

We changed our sheep diet around of course. Since the warning on the bag was only for Rams or Whethers we finished feeding what we had to the ewes and the feed store is ordering us in some new grain. Our remaining Ram has been getting special handpicked new grass instead of grain for the last few days. He seems happy with that

While I was out feeding this morning I glanced over toward my bee hives and noticed this big black spot in my small Walnut tree.

Yep it's a cat and not one of the feline horde that actually lives here either. A new cat.

At first I thought it was dead or stuck but I suspect it came up looking for a home and the dogs (The neighbor dog is still here in fact I don't think he is going to leave now) ran it up the tree. It just got comfortable and stayed up there.

I poked it with a 9 foot padded pole I have that looks a little like one of those bayonet practice sticks. I use it to measure fence post distances now but never removed the soft end. Anyway I gently poked the cat and figured out it wasn't stuck just resting.

It moved and I was certain it was alright then it jumped down and ran off. One thing that bothers me though is we found a home for a kitten about three years ago that looked just like this cat. A lady from Columbia Missouri came and got it because she wanted a Tuxedo cat and I am wondering if maybe we didn't get a late return. I know that's a long shot what if but you don't see many tuxedo cats running around.

Anyway the cat took off but I doubt it goes far and I am sure I will see it slinking around again soon looking for food.

At least I know I don't have a dead or injured cat  to get out of my tree now.

More to come this evening.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. can you put a bowl of food and water out for the little tuxedo guy near the tree you found him in? it breaks my heart that people think it is ok to dump cats and dogs in the country. that's how we got our little Frankie Blue Eyes - he was dumped in the middle of winter as a baby kitten. he is a lovely-natured cat but you can still tell that he is terrified of being dumped again.

    i think you have a new cat to add to your list of pets buddy. much love. your friend,

    1. Kymber - I can't put any food out there for him. Any place I put it will be a welcome mat for 100's of things not scared to come eat it. Especially the dogs who think cat food is like filet mignon or something. We always have food out in the barn up where the dogs can't get it though and most strays always end up in the barn if they been here long.

      He will find food though. Between our place, the neighbors North or us and the ones East of us we have probably 30 cats we feed and many of them wander between the three colonies at will. If our place isn't to his liking one of the others will be.

  2. We have two tuxedo cats that were dumped and abandoned. One is just like Kymber's ...... so afraid of being abandoned again and afraid of everything and anyone but us. Something bad happened to him along the way. My heart just breaks when I see a stray kitty. Hopefully you will get a new cat out of this.

    1. Tewshooz - We had a couple of tuxedo kittens over the years but they were always the easiest ones to find homes for. If all we had were tuxedo kittens we would not have the issues we do. Of course they still grow up and idiots still dump em too.

      Strays always tug at my heart too. I swear if I ever catch someone dropping one off out here I will be posting from jail.

  3. PP,

    It's really bothersome when a person owns an animal and then dumps it off to fend for it's self. Beans our dog was dropped off on a old highway outside of town, we rescued him. It took a long time for Beans to be okay riding in our truck at night. Apparently, he was dropped at night. Knowing you my friend, you'll be adopting this cat. You'll have a Supervisor.....and an Assistant Supervisor :-)

    1. Sandy - Stray cats are especially bad here. We live on about the first paved county road at the corner of the first gravel road on your way out from a larger town. People get out this far and think "This is the country" and just throw the animals out. I can count on at least two new strays, one with kittens, every year.

      Funny thing about the cats here. The males never want to really be supervisors only the females. The males are always off doing whatever but the girls, especially my late favorite Piglet (sniff) are the ones who have to be right there in my business.

  4. Oh crap, you poked a black cat, probably with it's paws up, this probably won't turn out good for you either.

    1. Sf - You owe me a monitor cause I just spit tea all over mine :)


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