Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Just Watchin the Wheel Go Round and Round

I've kinda hit a less urgent spot in my homesteading and sustaining preps lately. That doesn't mean I am not almost continuously working on projects in those areas of course it just means I have personally made it to a point that most of the basic core needs are in place. There will always be things that need doing, improvements, projects more equipment or gear but at this point in the game the collapse could hit right now and we would be in pretty good shape for quite some time.

Reaching this particular point has turned my observations about the rest of the world from being worried if it will happen today to something more akin to a passive observation of a train wreck a couple miles off. Certainly horrible if you think about the casualties but far enough off that I kinda feel a bit detached as well.

Instead of looking at the news and feeling the need to point out how this chart shows we are in trouble or this move is simply a way for the powers that be to kick the can down the road once again. I now know it's going to happen like that proverbial stick game where you keep placing pieces on something until it falls or breaks. I am just interested in seeing what that final piece will be. I guess it's some kind of morbid fascination or something.

This recent Asian Infrastructure Bank and the fact that the US had no power to influence it's normal allies to not join. The latest chart showing how quickly the Oil producing nations are dumping dollar assets, the fact that the Fed has been buying most of the US treasury and bond market for years now.

The rest of the world has been removing and freeing itself from the US for years now, ever so slowly. Even if the various Liberal Multi-Culters can fool enough Americans to continue to vote for all this welfare and social engineering the rest of the world is done taking the risk and paying the price for it. Sooner or later the final shoe will drop and the mess that remains will be biblical I imagine. Brother against brother, neighbor expecting neighbor to take up the slack and pay more so whatever check they receive with a government watermark on it keeps coming in.

Despite the heavily invested types screaming recovery and ignoring the bad news day in and day out, I have seen nothing that convinces me we are on a path that doesn't end in the proverbial train wreck. I could more accurately predict when the last ewe in my barn is going to drop her lamb than I could when this collapse will truly get going. Yet one thing is certain, both of them will eventually happen.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!!


  1. I arrived at a similar place as you have but I realized that we were past the point of no return when the republicans won the mid term and did nothing but bend over for more abuse. That was the last straw, it won't matter who wins the next elections. As with the Titanic, once so many compartments fill, it isn't going anywhere but down. Rivets start popping in strange places then things start to break apart even while the crew says nothing is wrong. But there will be survivors.

  2. PP,

    I agree with you and SunnyBrook, it's going to happen.......and those prepared will survive.

  3. I agree with you, SunnyBrook and Sandy! I wish you and the Moose could meet, although you'd likely finish each others sentences.

  4. It continues to come. The effort to spin otherwise becomes more And more apparent.


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