Thursday, January 8, 2015

Muslim Violence, European Civil War and People Who Refuse to See

I remember my old college professor who also happened to be my adviser once told me that my one real talent in life was also my curse. He explained that I had a certain knack for seeing through the Bullshit but I failed miserably at keeping my observations to myself and unless I learned to stop verbalizing those observations it would haunt me my entire life. Well I never learned, and although he was right as far as it went he never dug deep enough to realize my tenacity could overcome much of the ill will my observations created. Or at the very least allow me to find my own little spot where those I pissed off had no sway.

He was also very right though. I call things as I see em and eventually it get's around to pissing everyone off one way or another. At least those who are living in glass houses anyway.

This Muslim thing in Europe is a good example of people who refuse to see through the bullshit and actually embrace the problem while complaining about the symptoms. They can complain about Muslims. Yep they hate us, they have hated us since about 760 AD or so and they will continue to hate us as a group forever. They complain about their political leaders refusing to listen and bringing in these Muslims by the millions.....

Just like we Americans do about our own immigrant problems.

They, like us, want their cake with a candle on top and want to enjoy it as well with plenty left over for seconds, thirds, etc. The baked good buffet line so to speak.

The European Civil War - Elite v. People in a Fight for Survival

But the governments of Germany, Britain and other EU states are not simply behaving incompetently and allowing their populations to be overrun through their ineptness. On the contrary, they are actively promoting the destruction of their own societies, in the interests of globalisation and the elimination of national identities and cultures.

People. These leaders are staring over an abyss we refuse to see or even admit is there. We want teachers to have pensions for life that would make the most greedy sycophant of Louis the XVIII's court blush. We want to put 10K into social security over the course of 40 years and expect 120K back. We want government medical services, schools for everyone and government clerks who can retire at age 50.

Think I am done?

We want choice. We want to fill half the workforce with Women no matter how many "exceptions" have to be made to put round pegs in square holes and watch our birthrates drop below replacement levels. We want to spend countless Billions on educations that will never be used and fund everything with the most massive Ponzi scheme ever invented while there are no more babies being born to put the Ponzi into the scheme.

And then we wonder why our "Leaders" who are privy to all the real information are frantically bringing every warm, semi-conscious body they can find into our borders against our will.

Face it boys and girls they have no choice and the only option they do have is to paint a multi-cult utopian media picture in the hopes they can drum up a few allies from the people as they cram this Hail Mary play down our throats.

You want change? You want to stop this madness from happening? Then renounce the gravy train pensions, demand an end to Social Security and Medicaid. Put a stop to government subsidies for education and make local districts 100% responsible for their own children.

In other words we, all of us, you and I, must embrace austerity in the very same manner we expect our governments to do. We cannot have it both ways and until we learn that the leaders will continue to bring in more warm bodies by the millions and encourage our children to marry them.  

There are no other options. Accept the pain, embrace it or accept the end of the culture you claim to love. It's that simple.

Now for those of us who can see however there is another option. We cannot change what is happening but we know it isn't going to work. There are too many variables and complications to make the plan mesh together. We can withdraw, prep and ready ourselves for when it comes crashing down. And it will. When it does the real work begins.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. That's just it. Its s hopeless situation. The economy is so weak, it will never be strong enough to over come the national debt and the ever accruing interest.

    I do what I can and try not to worry about it anymore. The hand has been stacked against us. Other things like radical Islam and PC are against us. The communism that has seemingly always been here has rotted us out from within.

    Those that will make it ..... will. Those that won't will die.

    At this point, its really pretty simple.

    1. Matt - Yep. The only thing to really worry about is making sure we are not in the wrong place when this all falls apart. The more diverse your area the more danger you will be in I suspect. Ready a bug out plan and have a safer location in mind and watch things develop. No one is going to willingly cut their own fat so the fuse is lit.

    2. I must agree with Matt (and you).

  2. It is a curse or maybe a survival trait to see through the BS, my friend at work calls me mr sunshine when I reduce all of the complex fractions that make up PC world into plain old whole numbers. I had a teacher who said that if you can't dazzle them with brilliance then baffle them with bullshit which is what seems to be happening. I don't think there is much to do but keep watching and be ready, there is no fixing anything as the recent election has demonstrated.

    1. Sf - NO there really isn't any fixing it unless as I said everyone is willing to take some huge sacrifices and no way in hell they are going to do that. Only thing we can do is get ready for when it all comes apart I think.

  3. All the papers and talking heads are telling us how these are extremists however they don't and will not print that actually they are following not only mohammeds words in the koran but his example too. In 624 AD a jewish poet by the name of Abu Afak wrote a poem mocking mohammed. Old mo ordered him killed and Salin ibn Umayr did so.
    Now moderate muslims, whoever the hell they are, will tell you this is all lies but it is recorded in detail in both the Sira and the oldest biography of mohammed called The Life of The Prophet of God wrote not long after his death by Ibn Ishaq. It is considered by scholars to be the most accurate account.
    Islam presents a far more serious long term threat to freedom and stability than any financial crash or doom scenario. Abu Afak lived in the Hijaz area of what is today Saudi. In his time it was populated mainly by Jews and Christians, it had a wealth of churches and temples. Neither the former or the latter exist any more. For 1400 years it has suppressed freedom and causes misery world wide.
    Europe does not need another Cordoba and I doubt this time we can win another gates of Vienna. Harsh action will have to be taken and at the moment we have no politicians with the balls to do so. I think LePen is a shoe in in the next french election though, unless the socialists rig the counting that is!

    1. Ro - I think you missed my point. Certainly no one here is pro-Muslim or Pro-Immigration. My point was speaking to the fact that people say the politicians are going against what the people want, which is true up front but they fail to see the larger picture which is that the politicians also need the immigrant to continue the gravy train programs the people want too. At this stage of the game they cannot even stop and say "fine we will stop immigration but we also need to stop X, Y and Z because X, Y, and Z are underfunded as it is with debt to pay off still. They are trapped. If we (Meaning Americans and Europeans) want to stop the immigration we must first stop all the program Ponzi schemes that require it.

    2. i did get your point pioneer p and, although a libtard in SOME of my leanings (blame canada ;-) i COMPLETELY agree that a lot of loud mouths fail to understand the DEEP sacrifices that need to be made.

      a great example is willingness of illegals to work under the table for less than min wage.. welfare recipients won't touch those jobs and unless we are willing to really procecute those that hire... not going away .. so are illegals the problem or a symptom? imagine people who own a 5 million condo in Manhattan paying a Honduran 10 grand a year as a live-in babysitter - you get the idea..

      or, are we all willing to stop buying what w refers to as "chinko junk'? probably not, at this point in time, that is pretty much everything.. it is cheap as sin and everywhere - once the big boxes won... will we pay what a tv would cost to make here - uh, no.... iphones cost 500 and up , the people who make them get 5 bucks a day..

      it is easy to pin the tail on the muslim, but the fact is western society has been operating on borrowed everything for way too long.. personal responsibility is the only thing we have left and is the best place to focus our energy.


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