Thursday, January 8, 2015

Finished!!! Well Almost.

I mentioned this morning that the sheep seem to be the only ones who really are enjoying this cold snap. They honestly don't see what all the complaining is all about. They run around, jump up in the air like trout trying to shake a hook and select a head butting partner. When they get bored with that they play king of the round bale by climbing up on top of the two bales I have out for them and the horses.

The horses are not amused by that activity let me tell you.

The mini-cabin/Old Mother retirement shed is finished. Well except for the ceiling which she can't decide what she wants to do with yet and the clean up. I framed out the last three windows today with the wood veneer (as I mentioned actually fake wood flooring I been ripping down) and all the trim. Honestly it looks like crap if you look very close but considering all the cast off's and mishmash of damaged stuff my Mother was buying to flesh out the place it came out much better than I feared.

Out of this entire 38 foot by 14 foot section only one window and two sheets of paneling didn't require some form of ethnic engineering to complete. The building was not completely level nor was it 100% square in most places and with all the outlets and stuff each and every piece or section of construction was just frankly a CHORE. Nothing could just be put up, it all had to be measured, cut with at least 1 or more 90 or 45 degree angle involved and then fudged some to line up with it's neighbor.

This job easily took three times as long as it should have to complete.

Today Mom was giddy with excitement putting up a wall mounted coat rack she created from spare parts found at the building surplus store. Then it was her horse head hat rack, then some plug in scented thing with a chicken on it, then a wreath made of barbed wire with of course another horse head in the middle. I sent her out to get us lunch before my head exploded from her sweeping up the dust for the 56th time in one day.

She should be ready to move in this weekend now and maybe I can get back to getting some other stuff done once again.

Believe it or not the temp right now is 30 degrees. Sometime this afternoon the high winds coming out of the Southwest began losing it's bite and by 4PM I was sweating while out feeding. Theya re predicting a low tonight of 11 however and only a high tomorrow of 14 degrees so this cold snap ain't over yet. Just a brief  break I guess.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Congrats on finishing that project. Sounds like it's been mostly headache. :)

    1. RP - Well it has also been a learning experience but yes mostly a headache. She tried to cut as many corners as possible but on the flip side I bet she came in at less than 500 bucks on materials.

  2. You need to put in some sky lights for her, that would be really neat!
    A hitching rack in front would be a nice touch as well.
    Good luck on keeping up with the furnace tonight, I have all 3 wood burners going with medium fires which has the house warmed up.

    1. Sf - LOL A skylight would have been easier than the trim I think :)

      There is already a hitching post outfront kinda I built for her a long time ago near the barn.

      It's still 30 degrees here tonight now. Suppose to drop quick starting about 2AM I think though.

  3. You are a good son. Glad the job (for now) is almost finished.

    1. DFW - I am so ready to be done there. Cleanup is going to take all day I bet.

  4. PP,

    You did good for your Mom :-)
    Now get back to work on the farm!!!!


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