Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tractor Time : Headin South

Just got a call to make a run down South into Cotton Country. Should be fun I haven't been down that way in quite a few years. Just enough time to set up a couple of tractor pics and get my stuff ready.

Should be a pleasant trip. If I had more of a warning I might have tried to hook up with Swamp Dog along the way but it was a last minute thing.

Maybe the tractor girls will get some stuff done while I am gone.


  1. Something tells me that the tractor girls won't work all day but will park the tractors and go into town. Have fun in the land of cotton.

  2. I wish you had let me know, I would like to meet someday. While you are here today, watch out for the heat index, it is awful today. I stopped working at 1:00 and came in, it is just too hot outdoors today. Next week should be better, maybe even a little rain.

  3. Remember when the cats away the tractor lady's will play. Stay Safe


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