Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Reading - The Real Costs of Failure

For most of us life is generally a balance of spending time and resources to live or if we are lucky, to gain more resources. This is the way nature intended it and applies to pretty much all life forms. I know there are exceptions although they were rare until someone came up with the idea of FIAT money and deficit spending at which point the number of parasites on the system exploded. Parasites used to be avoided at all costs as a drain. Not so these days.

Pretty simplistic I know. The entire thing is bogged down by ideology in one form or another as one side or another believes they can make a better world. Yet for centuries ideology and greed never really mattered too much overall as resources kept the costs too high. No one lived on credit. At some point the entire natural law of resource use was turned completely on it's head and no longer seems to apply any more.

When such a basic natural law or order of things stops working many other basic truths become fiction as well.

Ability means nothing. Strength is weakness. Common sense becomes racism. Conservatism becomes sexist. You get the idea.

Just look at the up front costs of the recent riots in St. Louis.

How Much did the clashes in Ferguson Cost? Who will pay?

The cost of having police force present during protests and looting in Ferguson is estimated to be millions of dollars. But St. Louis County does not know how they will pay the costs because there is no protocol for such a situation.

 It isn't even those communities the entire state is on the line for the National guard troops as well.

These costs do not include the loss of business and other losses felt by private citizens.

The piece to the entire puzzle that no one seems to be able to find is how long can we continue spending more resources than we take in? It's not just these riots it's almost everything we as a nation or even the world continue to do.

At some point that final piece will fall into place and it will be time to balance the checkbook.

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  1. I guess it is wrong to thing this way but part of me wants things to collapse as anything so corrupted should fail. We have allowed human weeds and pests to destroy what was once our national garden and we can't even call them weeds or pests because of all of their new found rights under the progressive religion. The host needs to die to kill the parasites.

  2. astute as usual. now go check your email - there's some goodies in there!

    your friend,

  3. It is a true sad state of affairs. The Martin parents from Fla are going to or are in MO. to support the Brown family. Can anyone else hear the sound of growing unrest of the blacks in America?? Add in the death in NY of a black their by the hands on the NYPD. (I don't remember hearing too much protesting on this one like in MO) Tic, Tic, Tic.....soon it will all blow up across the land.

    1. Rob - Once the wealth redistribution stops. Which will only stop when there isn't any left to grab.

  4. Add on top of that and we have a state protected financier class that doesn't seem to do much of anything productive, and is generally considered part of the "productive" economy.

    1. Russ - Yep along with a large number of government employees and education types as well.


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