Friday, August 22, 2014

Tractor Time : Ahhhhhhh

My Son has a friend visiting all next week starting Sunday. The wife is in a panic and has decided everybody must go into super housecleaning mode. She even took the day off to wield her whip.

Listening to the two of them banter back and forth about who did what and should do whichever is enough to make me revisit some old tractor pictures for a little serenity.

Why is it the the guy jobs are always exclusive but the other ones are always somehow a team effort? At least these operators are willing to help out with the tractor duties. I think I need to go check my bee hives as well for some reason.

As usual click for a larger image.


  1. These tractors are indeed calming thanks!

  2. I don't know, those tractors don't really calm me a whole lot. I can just picture having to drive one, could be a lot of work.
    I call a lot of cleaning like that a "cleaning frenzy" they are to be avoided if at all possible.

  3. My wife is the same way. I don't understand why we should clean house just because guests are coming over. I wonder if those Russian brides are better with the heavy lifting jobs and less with the unnecessary cleaning frenzy's. I bet they like tractors too.

  4. Bubba - Your Welcome

    Sf - NO not going to go back tot he cleaning frenzy

    MV - I have not met any Russian brides but I have known a few Ukrainian ones and they were slave drivers but not all that physically intimidating. Just Willful


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