Thursday, August 21, 2014

Got the Blahs

I have to say there are about two times of the year I start getting really bummed out working around here. Mid to Late January when it feels like the cold will never stop and I am so sick of cutting firewood I want to scream and Late August when everything gets so overgrown and tired looking and I am so sick of mowing grass I want to scream.

It doesn't seem to matter how hard I try by late August there are always tall weeds somewhere I never got around to cutting, pulling or mowing. The garden is starting to become weed choked as well since most everything has finished and I stopped caring about what is left.

The only things I have still growing besides more Tomatoes than I know what to do with, is a short row of Potatoes and a bed of Sweet Potatoes. Oh I guess the Peppers are still producing over in the main raised bed area but I don't take care of them only mow around it. It's like the weeds grow two foot over night right now though and I am just damned tired of messing with em.

It's also so hot and humid I have to take frequent breaks and change shirts just to cool down.

Not even the sheep venture out during the day this time of year but hide in the barn as much as possible until the sun goes down.

Things are just waiting to begin winding down now. The Goldenrod is getting ready to start blooming and hopefully in a  few weeks things will start cooling off once again. Not that this hasn't been an amazingly cool Summer so far but the heat sure has made an appearance this week.

There is very little space left for more Tomato storage so I will more than likely begin having people come by and pick what they want. We did get some Apples this year surprisingly that survived the storm, wind and pest damage and I need to get to picking them soon.

I just need to push through this lazy blah period until I can get jump started again. Dad mentioned we needed to start cutting firewood next month and that will always shake me out of my stupor for sure.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. Welcome to my world. The State Fair started today. That means summer is just about over, My youngest has her school stuff already to go. I have a long list of crap to do before its get colder. Allergy's are running crazy. The corn harvest is like waves off the ocean packing some days then having to wait for more corn to be ready. Before you know it Jack Frost will be kissing the wind and everything else.

  2. hey buddy - i feel your blahs. after just getting over getting everything planted and now a glut of harvest and being down for the count due to the spider bite for over a week - we are a week behind planting the fall garden and our friends need us for blueberry harvesting on sunday!!! it all feels kind of overwhelming...but you know what? we are all feeling overwhelmed and lots of our friends haven't even posted in weeks because they are feeling overwhelmed! it's good to see you posting so regularly and good to know that you are bringing a bunch of the harvest in. but just know that a pile of us feel the same way and the best way to get passed it is to admit it and then go and read of other bloggers going through the same thing. we can all make it together, ya know?

    much love buddy. like a lot of love. thanks for cheering up our friend Rob. you are a good friend. your friend,

  3. We feel the same here, just too darn hot and humid. The Moose usually changes out of about 6-7 shirts each Saturday, along with a couple of cool showers thrown in for good measure. We have a couple more months of this stuff, we don't usually see our first bit of cooler temps until late October. Counting down the days...

  4. Sounds a lot like job burnout. But, think of the homemade stews, salsa, and other goodies that you're laying up for winter, and don't forget to include the time that you are storing up as well.

    The time to reload, read, and other various pleasure chores that you like doing. Think happy thoughts of the cool autumn days, and the time when you can look on your homestead and see the fruits of your labor.

    In other words, "Keep Right On Prepping" - K


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