Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It's Not a Riot it's a Circus

After watching the Laurel and Hardy meets the Keystone Cops show last night I have pretty much determined there isn't much more useful information to be gleaned from the Ferguson riots at least as far as mob or looting interactions go.

Last night the cops set up a strong defensive line down close to the McDonalds we have heard so much about and then placed small groups and pairs of officers up and down Florrisant road. I guess their plan was to keep protestors walking up and down in a controlled section. If anyone stopped walking the police began yelling at them to get going again or if someone stayed out in the road too long they would scream at them to get back on the sidewalk.

The main battle area from previous nights was lit up like daylight and they made a special little news reporters area out of yellow tape off to the side once again.

This area drew in the race hustlers like raw meat rotting in the sun brings vultures. These guys with aspirations of becoming the next Jesse Jackson were out between the crowd of protestors and the police line strutting around like Peacocks or actors you might see in a black and white movie production about the Russian Revolution funded by the Kremlin.

Yes it was that bad.

While the Dog and Pony show was going on at the McDonalds, two blocks North the real agitators were converging around the burned out Quick Trip. Someone threw a bottle of water with the gusto and accuracy you might expect from a powder puff football league and the real over acting began up at the photoshoot area taking even more attention away from what was forming down at the QT.

After watching the crowd through a couple of Livestream feeds it was obvious there were a lot more younger White boys milling around last night than any other time so far. There were also as usual almost as many people claiming to be some kind of reporter as there were protestors. Both of these developments were making the cops jumpy and agitated.

Eventually an armored vehicle with the sound weapon was deployed to the QT area and began announcing the crowd needed to disperse and put down the "do not enter sign" they had stolen from the road as well. The protestors kept brandishing the do not enter sign like it was a war trophy and considering what it said it did have a certain humor to it.

While this little stand off was going on protestors were coming back from the North and piling up behind the armored car police group which meant that the little pocket of police guys were now trapped between two groups of protestors and a third group (almost as big) of so called media on their flank.

Rocks began flying and what looked like a Molotov Cocktail from the North sailed towards the little pocket of police then the quick bam bam bam of a semi-auto pistol which sent the entire thing into Chaos and the want to be media kids hit the ground and were then gassed.

This is the problem with these semi-pro independent news feeds. Once they get a little CS gas in their nose you are in for half an hour of whining and drama as they bitch and moan after they have ran in frantic directionless terror for two and a half minutes. It's cute when you can figure out which two are interviewing each other about how much danger they were in though and run the feeds simultaneously like some kind of computerized echo chamber. Then the crowd of "Journalist" start to reform together like a convey of quail that has been flushed so you spend a period of time in the dark as they get their act together once again.

This is usually the point when I start watching the scrolling comments on their feed page for humor and let me tell you they never fail ya. Usually the comments are telling the camera guy to focus on some liberal chick and ask her to flash the camera but occasionally they come up with zingers.

After this incident the cops began rounding everybody up and made the reporter types leave. It was pretty much a complete media blackout for the rest of the night but I did manage to find some tweets from "reporters" who said the Canfield area residents were setting fires and the cops were going house to house. I never was able to find any confirmation of that though.

At this point the entire thing is just surreal. The media types are solidly anti-cop to the point they are actively joining in and helping the protestors and the protestors are obviously being infiltrated by outsiders now. The top of the LEO food chain has been taken over by posing politicians and Affirmative action hires while every local race hustler is using this to try and get his or her 15 minutes of fame.

There are no facts that are going to keep the Multi-Cult crowd from demanding the officer who shot that Michael Brown guy from being executed and nothing is going to appease them and as long as they are screaming during the day the outside agitators are going to go to work at night. With a small army of amateur reporters bolstered with Amnesty International and the Young lawyers club volunteers spreading hate and giving justification to violence the entire thing is just a cluster F&^k.

I am now more interested in seeing how long this show can actually go on more than anything else.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!!


  1. Well Preppy, you might be wrong on that regarding the crowds and mobs. You missed the man running around waving this "ISIS is here" sign. That goes well beyond the race hustlers and the "New Black Panthers" being on the scene, don't you think.

  2. The people in Ferguson don't realize how they are being manipulated. I saw this on Gateway pundit, the FBI has one of their informants there with the Black panthers trying to stir up violence.

    What they don't realize is that it is being stirred up so that that the government can see what works and what doesn't in terms of crowd control. Look how the tactics have changes since this started. They've been seemingly different everyday, and yesterday they changed them more than once.


    Now that it is being reported that Darren Wilson's face was fractured by Brown hitting him and that Brown was facing Wilson, and now that at least 12 witnesses are backing Wilson's side of the story about Brown rushing Wilson, this trial is over with unless they seat a grand jury with nothing but blacks and a trial jury with nothing but blacks.

    As far as any Holder trial goes, he is interviewing folks that wouldn't talk to the police, which tells me they are nothing but racists against white cops, therefore not credible witness. If they didn't talk to the cops the first time around, then anything they have to say must be suspect. I can't see this going anywhere either if there are enough white people on the jury.

    1. Matt - I have no doubt that there are representatives around those protests from my local Farmers market committee to the Politburo all trying to get a piece of the pie. At this point I couldn't even say who or what they are trying to do. As a whole I doubt they know.

      Yes they do seemingly change tactics on a daily basis don't they? I had attributed most of that to the prior tactic failing but maybe they are simply using this as a field research opportunity as well.

      I agree with you Wilson is innocent what troubles me is if they get a conviction on him it will be game over for any type of fair treatment regarding personal defense from here on out. We got lucky with Zimmerman in that it was basically fought to a stand still so they are trying again I guess.

    2. Zimmerman was a dumbass that happened to be legally innocent. Wilson was doing his job, and yes we got lucky with Zimmerman. and I agree you on Wilson's case as well, but I can't see a conviction on him at this point. Maybe a hung jury, though.

      Think back to the Bundy assault. They set up a smal pen with a sign in it that read "Free speech zone" some miles away from the action. Last night they had a "keep 'em moving" tactic going..... until it didn't suit them. Then they changed tactics again.....

      Just keep in mind that almost everyday we get something new that goes to Wilson's innocence.

    3. Ya I remember the free speech zone was no big deal to all the lefties back then but now it's a violation of their rights.

      I agree Wilson is innocent and while I am sure there will be no execution I still do not put it passed Holder and co. to railroad him into a lesser charge of some type and claiming it a victory for civil rights.

      I am not sure the police were the ones that changed the tactic last night though. I think you are right in that they had a plan agreed on by both sides but some of the protestors, both outside and inside, had different plans and put a fly in the pudding. Or at least it looked that way to me. I think it also pissed em off as it ruined their planned show.

      I sometimes wonder if that's not what this is all about too. They plan and think they have control and then the real world creeps in.

  3. I.m at the point of media overload. I didn't watch the evening news. Last night on Fox News they hyped up the 10pm rioting by showing the cops standing there at 1130 nothing going on. I'm still surprised this has not spread across the country.

    1. Rob - That's why I been sticking to the amateur media. They are entertaining as hell at times.

  4. I haven't seen any tactics employed yhat could be expected to quickly restore order. Maybe Matt nailed it. However, tactics that work on these protesters probably will not work on a different set of protesters. These protesters seem pretty simple and have no apparent strategy; move up the ladder a bit and everything changes. They are going to learn the wrong things.


    1. Dan - Ya neither the looters, protestors nor the police have impressed me so far.

  5. No worries PP... just heard that Holder is rushing in tomorrow to save the day....

    I get a kick out of the unintelligent people that are being interviewed on TV. It is okay to rob stores, kill each other. But God Forbid a white cop kills a black man that was committing a crime. Would be whole different if it had been a black cop who shot a white kid--that would not even have been newsworthy.

    1. JuGm - Bingo. For most of these protestors it's nothing more than a race/tribal thing and they know if they win they gain more power in the that area.

      It's never going to change but until all the little Multi-Culters learn to stop hating their own race it's going to get worse.

    2. The mayor or who ever is in charge needs to run all the cameras and press out if town. It is only feeding the frenzy. No one will stop if they know they can get in camera and speak.

  6. One of our local TV stations set a black reporter down your way. Why I don't know or understand why.

  7. So other than the occasional news report I have been trying really hard not to read anything about this. Any sense of anything actual useful that can be learned?

  8. and i still just think you need a youtube channel for these updates! i bet you could become as famous as frankie macdonald!!!! now that's saying something as he is really popular on youtube! we all love him!


    your friend,
    kymber WITH THE Y

  9. I just saw a phone-video of the initial incident. The perp was definitely acting odd, but I would characterize his behavior as worrisome, aggressive, but not yet a full out assault.

    You can tell by the way the guy who is holding the phone is talking that he knows this is dangerous behavior. But it is also clear that Tazing is the more normal police response. It is not clear why that wasn't tried. It wouldn't stun me to find out that higher ups were discouraging the excessive use of tazers.

    The police response after the shooting is your typical police bluster and bs. They clearly don't have a clue. You have a bunch of people around taking video, and they are pushing the witnesses away rather than trying to get information. It has "us against them" written all over it, and is a real helpful way to make sure it turns real ugly.

  10. Anyone who thinks the officer won't be convicted should remember the OJ trial. You get enough black racists on a jury, there's no telling what will happen. Which is exactly what Obama/Holder/Jackson/Sharpton and all the other race pimps hope for.


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