Monday, August 18, 2014

There Have Been Some Good Parts of the Ferguson Riots Updated

Yep believe it or not so far I am counting this whole Ferguson fiasco a win for Conservatives around the country and in Missouri specifically.

For one thing it has been fun watching the usual lefties turn and attack our Governor Snuggles Nixon and the complete and total failure of the Chocolate Rain Love Fest option as a viable police tactic. It also brought the racist Captain RonJon into the light of day once again.

Maybe many of my Missouri readers have forgotten or never knew but ol Capt. RonJon had several MoHP officers resign under his command with accusations of racism and racial attacks a couple of years ago. It was swept under the carpet and marginalized by the Multi-Cult State Media at the time. Now he has been seen walking arm and arm with Black Panther leaders and showing his true colors, although the media did try and protect him once again.

I found it interesting that Ferguson went from being predominantly a White suburb to 70% Black in less than 15 years or so. I doubt many of the people crying out for the police force there to reflect the community ever did the math nor figured on how their pleas can be turned against them in the long run. I guess it's their opinion now that once the demographics change all public employee demographics should change as well. This could be a double edged sword though because now they will have to pay for double the pensions. Or it could go like the county down in Alabama I think it was where the new Black government decided they just weren't gonna shell the money out for old White people pensions any longer.

The Ferguson police chief has proven himself intelligent enough to play one faction off against the other and has so far managed to keep his nose clean since the various race baiter sides have stuck their nose into things. Not only that he has played them all like a bunch of fools. We will see this more and more in our society as intelligence and merit means less than filling a spot with skin color. It also kinda brings home a point I tried to make some time ago. Don't look to those at the top of the food chain for leadership the Multi-Cult has been the ones filling those positions for years now so you can't trust anyone who is up there.

Lastly this incident has brought the over all militarization of our police into the forefront and both the Left and the Right are against that now. Although as soon as this is over I bet the Left will once again start pushing for the police to attack the Right as they used to.

So anyway as I settle into another night of flipping through links and livestreams to catch any interesting tidbits of a fight I really don't have a dog in I can at least count the few blessings we are receiving from this. I find it very satisfying to witness the various Femocrat conglomerate entities turning on each other and count any incident that makes that happen a win.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


As of 12:15 AM it has been a madhouse again tonight. Many shots fired directly at the police along with bottles, rocks, and do not enter signs :) Teargas everywhere and reports of the Canfield area residents blocking the streets with fires and preparing to defend themselves against police incursion. The police began rounding up all the media and everyone else they could find and getting them off the street and forcing the media back to the command center. The result is an almost total media blackout within Ferguson now. I have been looking for a brave livestreamer and haven't found one yet a few tweets claiming Canfield residents are making home made bombs.

I will continue to poke around a bit and if they keep everything blacked out will prolly head to bed and see what they have to say in the morning.

Looks like the only one's who had a good night of it this evening were the highbrow race baiters who pranced and preened in front of the captured and fenced in media types without the testicular fortitude to walk among the protestors.

More to come tomorrow I guess.

Update 2 - I just couldn't leave it alone. At 1:30 AM all the media has been run out of the area except maybe three people tweeting who are saying they are being repeatedly gassed and hiding in bushes. One by one they are being rounded up as well but there are claims of scattered clashes with police SWAT teams and protestors all over the area. The media who are waiting in the command area are chatting and laughing on the livestream but you can hear random far off booms and the noise weapon thing going off occasionally in the distance. The Police scanner is amazingly quiet with only calls being heard from well outside the protest area.

Looks like in this instance the Liberal Media is being honest. It has become a total media Blackout in Ferguson tonight.


  1. I watch this and wonder how long before this is the norm and not one time. I watch as the actions of a few are inciting so many to join in. It is the mob mentality in action. I see this as a glimpse of what could happen, for many different reasons. Keep us posted!

    1. LW - The more I watch the media guys and tweets the more I am convinced the real instigators of this are them. Sure the police are bullies no doubt about that but in every incident I have seen so far the media has changed the narrative around to make the cops into even greater monsters.

      Then again I have seen several instances of the police being their normal thug selves on camera tonight as well.

  2. Well, the force isn't with Obi-RonJon Kenobi tonight. It started out peaceful tonight and has only gone downhill.


    1. Matt - I read today that Capt. RonJon wasn't in charge anymore there that it was a colonel now. Whatever the case RonJon did make a camera appearance up at the main photo op line tonight.

  3. I heard tonight that unemployment there is ruunimg 50%. How can folks pay rent and eat?? I guess you can't so riot....

    1. Rob - Section 8 and EBT I imagine. I bet if you counted under employed or didn't count those with minimum wage jobs the unemployment would be a lot higher.

  4. The folks I have seen that like the up-armed police strike me as the old school status quo conservatives. The type who would probably like parts of NPR better than Fox because they don't like confrontation. Nobody on the left that I know of has seemed to be for it, but I am sure that some of the business class type folks would think it was a good idea: Law and Order and all that type thing. That type of Dem is probably pretty rare in your neck of the woods, but they are pretty thick on the ground in NC. Sort of an accident of state level politics.


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