Friday, August 1, 2014

Back to Exceptionally Dry Here

While the actual yellow line appears to be a bit South of the Small-Hold for all intents and purposes we are back into the exceptionally dry conditions. We still have a bit of water left in most of the runoff creeks though and the ground isn't cracking as bad as it did in 2012. Yet.

Earlier today I looked at the weather map before going out to see if the new hive had released the queen yet or not and the radar showed it was raining here. Either the clouds were fibbing or it's so dry the rain wasn't actually making it to the ground, I haven't figured out which yet but the end result was the same. No rain.

It's been pretty much a solid month now of no rain and we need it bad. Looks like our next chance now isn't in the forecast until August 7th if you can believe it.

They need to keep this drought crap over in Kansas where it belongs.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. We had little to no rain in July after too much in June. They are forecasting rain on and off all week. Well see.

  2. That sounds like our normal weather but we have had 2 damp summers in a row, probably dry here next year.

  3. I have been trying to get grass started on a hillside to control erosion and it will not stop raining. Every time I get seedlings started another turd-floater comes along and washes them away, cuts deep ravines in the hill, and deposits the soil on the field below. I have been hauling the dirt back up the hill since last fall and am starting to look like an incompetent bufoon on this hill. Drought monitor shows me to be in moderate to severe drought but the ground is saturated. Water is just oozing from the bottom of this hill.

    On the availability of water the only place getting it right is Oklahoma Mesonet whitch is showing available water at 32" to be 100% of the theoretical maximum.

    Handy resource if you have somthing like it up there.


  4. PP,

    I don't know what happened, I did a rain dance for rain in your area......................

    Our water barrels have filled more than once this past week, plenty of rain here.
    After the rain, temperatures turned cooler. So cool, we fished early Saturday morning. Caught several Bass, they're in our freezer now :-)


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