Friday, August 1, 2014

Tractor Time : Another One for Stephen

I need to take a little trip South this morning for work but should be back by noon or so. Since Stephen seems to be back among the internet blog crowd I thought I would post another pic of his favorite tractor.

I must say these operators do have the tractor driver uniform down as usual. It seems shorts, boots and either a white or plaid top is mandatory for driving your tractor these days.


  1. Thank you...what a beautiful, tractor. I'd ride it all day, with care.

  2. I'll bet your place looks wonderful, what with all those girls working there all day. It must be nice to leave an know things are being looked after by such dedicated young people. Those must be the shovel ready jobs that bummer was talking about.

    1. Sf - LOL the girls around here all think they are in a public service union or something.


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