Saturday, August 2, 2014

Got Militia? Sure You Do.

I gave up trying to figure out the specifics of the whole Ukraine fiasco some weeks ago. I realized I was pretty biased from the start because I once had a close friend who was from the Ukraine and was actually Ukrainian with no Russian ties. I understand the feelings of the Ukrainians who want no connection with Russia but others in the country are basically Russian themselves.

It's a problem they are going to have to work out for themselves in my opinion so their own internal politics don't really interest me any longer.

Now if they only didn't interest our incompetent Femocrat lead government I would feel much better about things.

What does interest me however are the various militias that have formed. Some of them were not even around a couple of months ago and I believe their forming and maintaining is a good study for those of us who may face similar circumstances some time down the line.

It has long been my belief that Militias are formed by common need within a defined area of need and until the defining factor of NEED is in play forming a militia is almost impossible. Not only that even if you manage to form one from the few interested individuals you can find it will by necessity fall apart when the area of need aspect doesn't equal the locations of the various unit members down the line.

I am certainly not saying that training now has no benefit. You will certainly be more of an asset to whatever unit you find yourself in when the time comes by training now. I am only saying your unit members will more than likely be entirely different when things get real. In a collapse situation more than likely your Militia unit is going to be made up of Men who live very close to you while any unit you may train with is recruiting from interest and maybe drawing people from 30, 40 or even 100 miles away.

When the time comes Militias will be formed from communities and moved by need. Need to protect their own property, loved ones etc. and the community will be close enough that mutual support is a blessing rather than a logistical problem.

If and only if the combined strength of the local militia proves to have an excess will larger more regional militias form together and an overall command structure begin to establish itself.

It doesn't hurt if you have another Nation helping supply and finance you either but that's another topic.

If you plan on surviving in place the militia you will be helping or serving in is local and the only way you are going to get to know them is by engaging in your community and taking a stand on issues now. I can assure you 99% have no idea they are going to be in a militia but when the time comes those who know what pool you have to work with in the local community will be instrumental in getting the thing off the ground.

Just within my own local community and inside a two mile radius I already know several guys who will be part of the militia. We have even casually discussed the issue at times in a general manner. One ex marine (but a good guy nonetheless) I know of cannot equip himself but would be more than willing. The current problem are jobs and prior commitments.

As I said need breeds militias. Most of the militia units I been studying from what little amounts of info I can gather are formed around a few very dedicated individuals and as jobs were destroyed and the local economy ground to a halt they recruited locally from Men who found themselves released from one need (voluntarily or not) and able to join for another.

My recommendations at the moment are certainly to train with others if you can but more importantly to always keep your eye on helping those who are thrust into the situation unprepared when things go down. Extra gear, weapons, the ability to give basic instructions and tips quickly and knowledge to work around inexperience will be the more important skills at first.

Knowledge of different weapon systems, even foreign heavy weapons could prove very valuable, and the ability to quickly explain how to use them in layman's terms would be priceless.

Get to know your local AO and all the Men who are in it as best you can. They will be your brothers when the time comes even if they think you are a bit nuts right now.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. The US government has been fighting wars with the national guard and has pretty much trained thousands of soldiers who know things work. Just as the back bone of leaders in the civil war (2nd war for independence) came out of the Mexican war, these people will make up a large part of a militia. I'm not talking about generals as they were most likely promoted based on political reasons but the actual lower ranks who were in the conflict day to day. What you are saying is pretty close on and what happens depends on what part of the country you live in. I suspect that they will try to move the southern border much further to the north so that will be different from the NE which is one large strip of cities. You are in a good location where there might not be a lot of action plus you can arm all of those tractor girls. Lots of factors, including access to fuel, food and closeness to dangerous people (the entitlement folks).

    1. Sf - Ya prior service people will be important and they know this which is why theya re always attacking them.

  2. Interesting thoughts Preppy. I would guess you're probably correct: you won't know who you is actually with you until it actually happens, and it is probably not whom you think. A lot like life, actually.


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