Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The End of Old White Men Paradox

However many years ago I started seriously moving towards a sustainable lifestyle I was pretty sure Feminism was the well from which all our social ills flowed. These days I am more convinced that Feminism was really the illness that weakened us enough and allowed all the other special interest social diseases to get a foot hold. At it's height Feminism has destroyed whatever unity Europeans had for each other and divided us like no other racial group has ever been divided.

To this day the most vile, anti-White Male creatures to walk the earth are dried up old feminist shills. Many of them aren't so dried up either as they waddle around proclaiming the imminent arrival of the "end of White Men" while stuffing their faces in glee and screaming that they have a right to the motorized shopping cart.

I wouldn't be so quick to celebrate if I was an old Femi-skank Man hater though because I can tell you I am seeing more Women speaking out against your self serving and hateful agenda these days than I am seeing from Men.

Women Against Feminism

Not only that but as the old Baby Boomer generation Men who bent over backwards in some twisted and contorted view of chivalry to appease you bottomless pits die off, the Femi-skanks are losing their support crew. Like some liberal who promotes the Multi-Cult but doesn't have to live with the consequences these old White Men were too spineless to stand up for themselves but sentenced the next generation of Men to financial servitude so they could watch their televisions in peace.

Well here's the backlash, as true Men become more scarce they become more valuable and as you hamper the producers you get less in return and many bright, attractive and intelligent Women are waking up to this fact.

So as I approach the time when I can be called an "Old White Guy" (Hopefully another 10 years or so away) I am beginning to think I may get my wish and witness the end of Feminism before I get there.

Ya if I was an old has been Feminist I would be worried. You and the brow beaten old Men sacrificed the future to feed feminist selfishness and that future is almost on us now. Social Security will run out of money and open borders to try and alleviate that problem just brings in more people who hate you as much as you hate Men. You have created a paradox but I see the younger Women and Men preparing to fix it.

I am betting that fix won't include the ones who broke it however.

The end of "Old White Men" means more than you think it does. It means the beginning of the new Western thinking. Stronger bonds, stronger partnerships, cooperation and the rift you tried so hard to make permanent will be healed.

For me the pay out is seeing attractive young women like these holding up signs denouncing your ideology and being able to see through the lies. For us "Not quite so old White Men" who have been fighting and living under the tyranny of Feminism for decades, it is enough to know our children may finally break free of it once the Old White Men (and Feminist) are gone.

Good riddence

and Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I'm with ya on this one, for sure!

    1. I hope the Christian equivalent of Karma comes back for em.

  2. I see said the blind man. Now I know why marriages failed 50 % of the time. Now that women are dumping feminism that rate is dropping Yes, No ??

    1. Rob - I don't know. I read divorce was down a few years ago but they were blaming that on the economy. Haven't heard anything about it since.

  3. It will be amusing after the collapse.

  4. I am a woman against feminism.

    I am a stay-at-home homeschooling mom by my own choice, with the support and hard work of my husband.

    We have been blissfully married for 23 years. Most of the time, we've been just scraping by.

    We have two teenagers who are not hateful, rebellious, or full of angst. They are happy, love each other (younger brother and older sister) dearly, love us dearly, and would rather attend an expository Bible study than a feel-good fluffy Church service, which is the majority of what is available. They reject, on their own, most modern literature, as much of it has content they don't want to read -- vulgar language, graphic violence, sex.

    I, my mom (who lives with us), and the kids frequently set aside our own wants, so that my husband can take the best we can offer to lunch with him, because he works very hard to make everything we do possible.

    I despise feminism. It is a cancer that devours and putrefies the family and society. Feminists look down on women like me. They hate us, because we are proof that not being feminists leads to happier lives and families.

    1. Miss M - Thank you for sharing. True Women like you are the corner stone of Western Civilization and as the Feminist rejected that place things have been getting unstable. I have faith that Women such as yourself will make us once again the firmest of societies.

  5. You already know my feelings on the Femocrats/skanks. I don't need another "me" in the house. I need a MAN who has a pair! A MAN that will defend to the death his family, and his honor. I also need help on occasion opening the pickle jar....


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