Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Quick Update

It was feeding time today for the four new hives I have going. Actually I increased by six new hives this year but two of them were in such good shape I stopped feeding them back in June.

As I have found to be typical with working my bees now. When I had my suit on, veil zipped up, gloves on and up to my elbows in bees the phone rang and it was work wanting me to make a run. So needless to say I had to wrap it up quick.

So far I think my endeavors of attempting to get a new queen into Salem colony is not bearing fruit. I thought I had some four day or less old eggs in the frames but I guess I didn't. I am going to try and order a queen now I think to save some time. That is if I can find one. It maybe a bit late in the year now.

I have occasionally ordered a queen in the past with good results. Adding a bit of new genetics is never a bad thing when it isn't over done.

I also managed to finally pick a spot for the Paw Paw tree. This tree is problematic because it reproduces (in one way) bu sending off shoots underground. Because of this I can't really put it in the new orchard area with the wood chip mulch. I decided to go ahead and make a new small raised bed for it at the end of the grape vine. I will need to keep the vines out of the tree but this leaves me the other end to put another Paw Paw tree for cross pollination and the beds are small enough regular grass mowing should take care of any wayward suckers.

As it stands right now I am not scheduled to make another run tomorrow but the end of the month is usually filled with spur of the moment calls, much more so than early in the month. I also need to catch up on mowing and checking my outter hives.

Maybe tomorrow will be another good tractor posting day. I have one ready to go but we will see if I need some filler or not.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

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  1. P.P. Just get kymber to run around in a queen bee suit and there you have a queen bee imported.


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