Sunday, February 9, 2014

Watch, Listen, Understand

Hat tip Blue's Blog for the Link

I am not a Libertarian for reasons that were not covered in this interview, namely foreign policy beliefs and some so called individual freedom ideas that are taken a bit too far in my opinion, but I could live quite happily in a Libertarian world if they all thought like Judge Napolitano. In fact I admit if his view of Libertarianism was the official stance I might switch.

His books have prominent places on my shelves, or in my Nook in a few cases :)

I was glad to find this video linked over at Blue's Blog as I had not seen it before.

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  1. Come on over to the darkside there's no rules for membership.You can even have divergent views from the orthodoxy and still be welcome:)

    1. Stevrv - That's kinda the issue some of those views are just waaaaaay too far out there for me and the lack of a foreign policy is just asking for trouble.

  2. I don't think I really adhere to any group these days. I was a
    Republican for 40 plus years but now I find most of them as odious as Democrats. The Libertarians of today are like the Anarchists of the 19th Century, good ideas but they are never going to happen.

    I think what I would really like is a military dictatorship.

    1. I was always an independent that leaned Republican until I figured out what I really was was a Constitutionalists. Really Napolitano is a Constitutionalists as well in my opinion but the C-Party isn't really anything you can take remotely seriously so he goes with Libertarian.

      Just my opinion mind you.

      The interview is quite interesting and pretty much follows my own politics on things... LIKE Taxes ARE THEFT.

  3. Foreign policy is as much as a non-issue to me as what my neighbor is doing is a non-issue to me. If it goes too far it will be dealt with. It is not worth changing my ideals because of his life path.

    I do care, however, if my neighbor is not socially conservative, because then his life path is directly interfering with mine. He is voting for policies and leaders that will cost me and the society I value.

    I am not libertarian because I don't feel libertarianism is complex enough a system to control government. Libertarian behavior is a positive offshoot of a concrete set of values a population is allowed to develop. Iran is probably more libertarian than the US in this respect. There's all kinds of room for libertarian behavior when you know what the rules are. Which is why The System here in the US is primarily involved in destroying historical cultural rules. That's what the System fears, because it's the only font of accountability.

    In short, libertarianism is not a complex enough system to further its own aims. But it has nothing to do with its lack of foreign policy. We can see that we've got foreign policy out the wazoo.

    Libertarianism fails because of its permanently (by definition) inchoate domestic policy. Victory costs something besides Libertarianism. We are a people and we need to do more than that to regain a country.

    Don't fall for weak libertarian fade-offs. But not because of foreign policy.

    1. Anon - I don't disagree with what you wrote but it does seem a bit hypocritical to say Libertarianism is not complex enough right after you reduce foreign policy down to the status of what your neighbor is up to.

      Don't take offense though I am certainly not bashing your views. I actually find them interesting and worth much thought I just think there is much more to foreign policy than you do obviously.

      Thanks for commenting.

    2. That was an obnoxious comment I just made.

      I understand your foreign policy concerns. But what's the point of arming to the teeth if you're going to wrap your domestic policy around fear of the other? Fear of the other is something that is sold to us to prevent us from correcting domestic policy.

      We all yearn for a clear battle of right and wrong at this point, don't we? And isn't that what TPTB are dying to make sure doesn't happen?

      The enemy abroad destroys the clarity that prevents us from dealing with the enemy at home. And it's the enemy at home that is destroying us.

      Thanks for your even-handed response.

    3. Anon - No Problem I am attempting to be a bit more flowery in my comments. Sometimes my abrupt statements are taken the wrong way :)

      I see your point. I think I was looking at Libertarian ideals as how they would work in the world and not looking at them as how they can defeat the current progressive/liberalism.

      I tend to try and block progressive /liberalism out of my mind when seeing how an ideology would work for utopia...

      If you get my meaning.


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