Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Reading - The Immigration Ponzi Scheme

Ever really wondered why so many politicians from Conservatives to Liberals, Republicans to Democrats, White, Black, Gay, Straight etc. etc etc. Always seem to cave on immigration? Indeed no matter how much of the population is against allowing new illegals or undocumented whatevers to stay in the US the politicians always turn a deaf ear almost in lock step.

About the only political opinion almost every flavor of special interest political group can agree on is they do not want this immigration thing passed. Blacks, White, Why Hell even legal Hispanics don't want it by a majority.

Yet here we go they are going to do it and whatever rules they place on it will be quickly forgotten about the very minute it passes and the 30 million new Democrats will begin voting themselves even more loot and we are stuck asking why. Why is our government committing suicide?

Now many of us always want to blame big business because well business will profit with cheaper wages and more competition between possible employees. There is no denying that, but ya know that alone is not enough to convince every elected official to turn on their constituents. Oh sure it is enough for some but not as many as we see turning and they all cannot be getting enough of a payoff to make it worth their while to place their re-election possibilities in doubt.

You wanna blame someone for the fact immigration is going to happen? Well there's about a 90% chance all you have to do is look in the mirror to find someone to blame.

All of us are at fault. Every last one of us who expects a social security check to start in the next 10 to 15 years. Everyone of us who are getting one of those checks or some other form of government pension, disability or whatever right now. Hell we can't even limit it to government because even the private pensions won't remain solvent if there aren't enough consumers to keep their investments afloat.

That's right. You. Me. All of us who expect this great Ponzi scheme of socialism-lite to continue to pay us and take care of us and do for us what we should have done on our own. Those who said to themselves they would like to vote conservative but they want their medicaid or to insure their "whatever" payments to continue. Yep in one form or another we are all to blame.

Look at the numbers my friends. You cannot support this many retired people on wishful thinking. It takes at least 10 working stiffs per retired individual to keep the funds coming in and the government damned well knows this.

US families are a dying institution. Feminism has convinced 75% of all Women not to have children and most of our replacements have ended up on the clinic floor. Only phoney (QE) money has kept the various funds supporting retirements even partially in the black and the US needs about 65 Million new workers to keep this ponzi scheme going just for the next 5 to 10 years.

Where else are they going to get them?

Even those who understand this immigration reform will so fundamentally change our culture as to render it extinct and are not happy about it like the golfer in chief and his minions are, know  they have no choice. This is the only chance out there for them to grab onto. The only hope of keeping the system going and making good on the promises that have been made already.

Of course I have my doubts that 30, 40, 50+ Million Hispanic Democrats are going to agree to fund the retirements of  76 Million Elderly Gringos but believe what ever let's you sleep at night.

Whatever that belief is I would also advise you to....

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. The strange thing about the immigration issue is that it would be so easy to just issue legal permits to come work and pay taxes. They seem to want illegal immigrants working just like plantation owners wanted slaves and not legal workers to come work for a decent wage. This is all powered by the same folks that bring us apple juice from china and vegetables from mexico. Don't get me started on sub quality tools and wheelbarrow tires. Anyway I don't think it would happen without government help with special laws and schemes as people would choose not to have slavery and illegal immigrants if it wasn't forced on them by the government. I think we have both ended up at the same root of the problem from different directions.

    1. SF - Ya know the thing is they (the politicians) don't want to be responsible for letting them in and they don;t want to be accused of racism so they don;t encourage any White immigrants but they still want all of them. Oh sure they come down on a few Eastern Europeans occasionally but by and large the current regime pretty much allows everyone in. We got more Hispanics because it's just easier for them. My bet is if it was as easy for say Eastern Europeans to get here and S.Americans we would be filled with the Europeans.

      The special immigration invites are only to satisfy the Multi-Culters.

      Just my guess anyway. I know about Every Chinese person I ever talked to knew how to get here illegally as well as the Hispanics.

  2. Once you fall below replacement level families you either have to submit to reducing living standards gor both your and suceeding generations or let in lots of new people. Ironically in a lot of western countries the abortion rate is pretty much equal to the yearly rate of legal immigration.
    The problem now faced, even if you could instantaneously reverse the whole thing, is that there is now an 18 to 26 year lag where the newborn become productive workers. When you couple that to repeatedly subsidising non productive adults you dig a big pit to get out of!
    Immigrants on the other hand generally are of working age so thus they become instant consumers, taxpayers and grateful voters, kissing babies is no longer necessary for politicians, shaking pedro/ achmed/ tsinis hand is!
    Illegal immigration though has all the above benefits with the addition of adding cheap labour to keep the legal poor hooked on state aid!

    1. Anon - Exactly right!!!

      The real issue is not a one of the current beneficiaries in the US is going to agree to falling living standards. They don;t want immigration but they damned sure are not gonna give up what they are owed.

  3. Replies
    1. Apparently so is self serving politics as well.


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