Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Reading - Good Sign Bad Sign

A Few Announcements

Greg Jeffers is back to blogging over at American Energy Crisis Blog. Let's hope he sticks with it because the last couple of years he has been running hot and cold. I cannot stress how interesting and informative his posts and the discussions can be over there when the ball get's to rollin. Of course like here if you are easily offended and can't take back and forth debate without taking it personally  I wouldn't recommend jumping into that pond. There are some big fish in there that can swallow you whole if you don't watch out.

Here is his latest post : Living in a State of Fear

TL Davis over at Christian Mercenary has an excellent post out I think everyone should read...

Obama's Terrorist are America's Freedom Fighters

And Harry it seems finally got out of the house and off his Mountain!!!!

I had another post I was working on for this afternoon and there was even a very outside chance I was going to have another fiction story to add to the mix but I spent way too much time in the woods today. The packed down snow has turned to ice and is not melting much but then re-freezing at night and the back roads and access tracks are treacherous. I almost ended up down in a major gully going in empty this morning and it would have almost taken an act of God to get me out if I had slid much further.

However now for the Good Sign....

My camera kept wanting to focus on the Cedars behind but that is a small Hickory sapling and it's budding out nicely. Spring can't be too far off now!!!

And the Bad sign....


I don't keep any actual hives near this area and that nest is long dead but Hornet signs are not something a Bee Keeper likes to see. Especially the giant ones. A couple of those hornets can reduce 60,000 plus bees to headless bodies in an afternoon. I do run some Spring swarm traps in this area that the picture was taken in and actually caught a swarm there last year. I hope the off spring of the hornets that built that nest are long gone.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. You know anything about gas checks? You cast your own bullets, right? South Carolina Extremist asked a question about them on his blog but I have no clue in that regards.

    1. Harry - Yep I cast a lot of bullets, well not this Winter but usually I do but I only really use the pistol rounds for casting because I determined they were the best bang for your long term survival buck. However I have cast and used gas checks on my .303 brit / 7.62x39 alloy bullets. Gas checks are mostly used on the higher velocity rounds to stop the gas from leaking around the bullet (hence gas check I know) but I also understand they allow you to get a bit more range and keep the barrel from leading as bad too.

      Used to be I could buy a huge bag of gas checks for next to nothing but these days they are getting real hard to find.

  2. PP,

    Yep, signs of spring. I have little leaves starting and buds on my rose bush in the garden. Beautiful weather the last couple of days but now the weather man is stating temperatures to drop again next week :-(

    I'm hoping that's not a hornets nest. It looks more like another critters nest, the opening is so large.

    1. Sandy - Supposedly we will finally get the 60 degree day they been promising for over a week now tomorrow. We will see.

      No that really is a hornets nest. Nothing else looks quite like that. I suspect it has been abandoned for a bit and a bird used it recently maybe.


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