Friday, February 28, 2014

Odds and Ends Today

Just some odds and ends today. I been busy running in and out and got behind on blogging. A doctors appointment meant it was my job to take care of all the critters and the next big storm is set to hit us tomorrow so I had to unload the wood from the truck to make room for another load of splitting tomorrow morning.

They are saying 6 to 12 inches of snow for us again. That doesn't surprise me as we almost always get a good 12 inch or deeper snow storm in early March each year. By Monday we are predicted to hit sub-zero temps once again as well and if it goes as they say I won't be making my usual wood cutting run Sunday so it's best to split a load and have it in the truck for weight in case it gets bad.

I should be making much better brush and fence line clearing progress this time of year but honestly it's just been too cold and windy to get into it much. Firewood use has slowed down quite a bit but we are still running about 10 to 15 degrees colder than usual so it hasn't dipped to the usual levels.

Today though it did climb into the upper 40's and I actually saw the bees getting out of the garden hives a bit this afternoon. I didn't bother to run down and check the others as I was too busy up here.

Rush, rush, rush... Looks like we got another Winter storm heading our way.

I did notice something funny today which is why I got a picture of my ram up. Every time he sees me near his harem paddock of love he comes running up to the fence. I always thought he was hoping I had a pumpkin or cucumber or something to feed him but he also wants me to scratch his neck. The funny part is he wags his tail, or rather the stump of his tail, when I pet him. I never knew sheep would wag their tails like a dog in that way but he does. He comes running up and rubbing against the fence and when I begin scratching his neck his little tail just goes 100 miles an hour. I just thought it was the funniest thing and was surprised I had never paid attention to it before.

Anyway back to work. I still need to clean out the ashes from the furnace, do the afternoon feeding and wash a mountain of dishes and other chores. I will catch up on replies, comments and blogging later this evening.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. My pigs wag their tails when I scratch them. A curly tail is funny wagging too! We got down to 23 last night. When I look at the extended forecast I see no more freezes. Time for me to get really busy with spring time stuff. Hope your winter ends soon.

  2. Sounds like the fun never ends for you guys. Stay safe & warm!

  3. Just a slow day here, not much to do when you up to your butt in snow. Writing up shopping lists and checking for sales for next week. No snow here I think, stay warm and drive safe.

  4. I just read the rams shack their tails when they're sexually excited.....ah, you don't reckon....nah.

  5. The long long winter. We are cold at night and it warms up decent during the day eventually. At least February is gone.

  6. You sure stay busy. I was lazy for quite awhile laying on my back in the hospital but am home now and am not looking forward to the weather that's going to pound us again. When I was a kid dad brought home a billy goat he won in a poker game. That was one mean goat! I and my sister were chased and knocked down by that knucklehead every time we went outside. Then came the day that Mr. goat butted dad a good one when he was bent over by the car picking something or other up from the ground. That was the last time we ever saw that goat.

  7. PP,

    I know you hid a dog in the skin of one of your sheep? You stole someones dog and tried to camouflage but the wagging tail gave you away, lol


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