Sunday, March 2, 2014

Here We Go Again

We are all set for this latest Winter storm coming through. I went back on three hour or so sleep slices just to keep the furnace burning hot more than anything else as the temps are now down into the teens and the North wind keeps the blower from kicking on as often as it should.

Friday the prediction was for the front end freezing drizzle to hit us about noon Saturday so my plan had been to split a load of firewood and then tarp everything up. By the time I woke up however they had pushed the freezing rain back to evening and the rain for Friday night never developed at all. That meant yesterday morning's conditions were just too good to pass up and I shifted gears to just go cut another load instead of splitting stuff I already had on hand.

This is where having all these multiple drying piles of wood available comes in handy. I had a bunch of small trees and limbs the power company had downed a couple years ago that were now perfectly seasoned and ready to cut. Small stuff like that is a bit hard on the old back bending over and cutting it but it sure does burn nice and no need to split it up.

After getting all the wood supplies up and covered and picking up five gallons of gas for the generator and another two gallons of diesel for the emergency heater I had nothing left to do but wait for the storm. Until the Mrs. informed me that her and the son wanted to go out for lunch. Ahhh what the hell everything was done and we could use some more milk anyway and had hours until it was suppose to hit. So we had a family lunch out and a quick little grocery run. As it turns out they keep pushing the storm's arrival back anyway and it is starting to look like most of it is going to skirt North of us regardless.

So far it looks like that dark blue band from the map above should be moved into Southern Iowa but the nights still young yet I guess. We are finally getting a bit of icy drizzle that is covering everything and the temps are dropping steadily. That wind is a killer too, but no snow yet. They also dropped the low from zero to negative four for tomorrow night.

Maybe this will be Winter's last real push. We are all set for it and the prediction is we will hit the 50's by Friday. March is always so unpredictable.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. We had some low temperatures here and some sleet but otherwise it wasn't too bad.

  2. I hope it misses you altogether. My mom's in the 3" to 6" band on the map, there, and she doesn't need that either.

  3. No snow here in MN, but it was -18 at 6:30 am. I'm so ready for summer. Why summer?? it will be that long before everything is thawed out.

  4. Good luck man maybe spring will happen this year I ain't holding my breath though!

  5. PP,

    I hear you my friend, we are dealing with it too.
    Stay warm, and safe.

  6. We are supposed to get freezing rain at 2am then snow but I am waiting for the next forecast in an hour. It is raining over the mountains now. As usual we aren't supposed to get the fun stuff that is out your way. After this weather gets through I will get the saws ready to cut and do a test of my equipment on the closest tree then start working on cutting for next winter. Hope it misses you guys.


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