Monday, January 20, 2014

This is How Feminist Rape

This story has been making the rounds of late. The Spearhead was the first I saw of it and after that several other sites picked it up. In fact I even heard ol Rush mentioning it this morning while I was out checking on my bees.

As Wendy Davis touts life story... Facts Get Blurred.

Blurred is putting it mildly. IMO....

Wendy Davis is that Feminist shill Texas Senator that organized and lead the abortion protest fiasco recently down in her state. She is also running for Governor now or plans to I guess.

And just like all Democrat Femo-skanks she is a financial rapist, liar and just like Mooshell Obummer claims to be at one time a single "Mom".

As a matter of fact her entire "Made for Democrat Office" life story is nothing but a series of lies, blaming men and taking their money while she searches out the next victim. Why she didn't even get divorced the first time until she was 21 yet somehow she was not only a single mom but a teenage one at that.

She had to work two jobs but one was for her father at his restaurant. Now I wouldn't say working for your father isn't work but I bet the understanding from management is pretty easy to come by now isn't it?

Oh it is a tale of woe to be sure. She was forced to live in a trailer she says but the facts show it was at most a few weeks before her family made sure she got into an apartment and then funded her college trip. That is until victim number two came around who was well off enough to soak for the last two years of her undergrad degree and then took out a loan to fund her Harvard Law degree as well.

Not only that but while she was away playing Ivy league student, victim number two was not only supporting her and her occasional boy toys but also taking care of the two children, again both their own and her first daughter. What a guy huh?

By the time victim number two was paying the last payment on Wendy's Harvard Law Loan she left him the next day.

Boy wasn't that just a random coincidence in timing.... I'm sure.

Gentlemen this is how today's Feminist financially rape victim after victim and then turn the entire thing around to support their own "woe is me" life stories.  It's a pretty classic example and I have seen many variants on this particular scenario over the years. I must say I am surprised she actually paid the child support she was ordered to, usually these poor single moms who do not have custody are thousands of dollars behind yet never seem to get picked up and thrown in jail like the men do.

Next thing we will find out she is actually an Indian....

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!

With Women like this leading the Democrat party we're gonna need all the preps we can get.


  1. My first wife, God rest her soul [in hell], must have read the how-to financially rape her husband too. I hope W. Davis has a strong opponent to defeat can hope.

  2. I've seen this woman several times now on the news, she gets a lot of coverage on CNN and MSNBC. Although they don't tell the details of the story, she leaves an uneasy impression when you listen to her. Like a carney huckster. I didn't know any of the things you highlighted in your post, but I did tell my wife that I would trust that woman as far as I could throw her. She has a female sidekick who is running for something or other, who appears in every story I have seen about her. Don't know what that's all about.

  3. I like the name "abortion barbie." She was disgusting before these revelations and she's disgusting now. Good thing she doesn't stand a chance in Texas.

  4. Poor wittle Wendy playin her games I've heard about her before when she was republican.She's a loon but that makes her a perfect democrat.


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