Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Temps have been steadily dropping all day and we are now approaching the mid 20's. Some slight snow is in the forecast but I needed to get my remaining wood supplies out from under those sheets of ice. I am down to the last layer in my storage rack which equals out to about half a cord so I needed to get the truck pulled up so I could start working out of the stuff I have in the bed. This works out well because I really need the truck to be empty so I can make another wood run either tomorrow or Tuesday if I can.

However, before I can do anything the tool of the day is a HAMMER!!!

You can see the extent of the icing. I wonder if my bungee cords are going to survive this. I am pretty sure my tarps have finally come to the end of their life span as any fold just ends up being a tear now. I can't complain I have been using these tarps for years now and they are getting pretty ratty anyway.

Hmmmmm, good thing I moved the scraper into the truck cab and out of the tool box.... Errr well the doors were just about as hard to get open but my trusty hammer did the job.

Finally the truck was freed of it's ice prison and I was able to back it up to the furnace and get the tarp pealed back enough. I will burn right off the truck now until I have to unload the rest for another run.

The trusty hammer get's a break as I go check out around the place a bit.

Solar Panels are not going to be producing much electricity today I guess :)

See why I put all those upper entrances in my bee hives. The bottom entrance on this hive is now encased in ice but the top is under the over hang and stays open to allow air to flow in and out. Winter air flow is important for the hives because the inside will produce moisture in the heat and without proper ventilation that moisture will then drip down on the Winter heat ball of bees and kill them. I hope the girls in this hive are down inside the insulated section staying warm.

Here's my T-Connector for the rain barrels I left out. It's now solidly frozen to the deck and this gives you a good idea of how deep the ice is on everything. I am surprised the power didn't go out but it didn't.

Yes it's a frozen, ice covered world out there. Causing harsh living conditions and the struggle for all the animals to find a way to stay warm and cozy.....

Well maybe a struggle for some I guess. The outside cats have all discovered the luxury of inside living suddenly and they decided it wasn't as bad as they thought it was all Summer. They like this particular spot because the main section of the wood furnace blower is aimed right at it so we just line their beds up and let em sleep. Every so often they wake up and come find one of us to report that they can see the bottom of the accompanying food bowl and would we please fix it. Then it's back to sleep.

If you are waiting for my next fiction installment never fear. I will be posting it later this afternoon or evening. I was putting the finishing touches on it when I went to get my chores done and when I came back the document was mysteriously gone. The wife swears she wasn't on my computer while I was out but I don't believe her but now I have to go back over the thing and fix it again so look for it this evening.

Not like I have much else to do now.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. No ice here, but 30 degrees with a heavy snow mist - looks foggy outside, but it's tiny snowflakes. NWS says 3" to 6" of the stuff is expected today. Driving conditions are sloppy, at best.

    That said, I'd rather have our snow than your ice. Stay safe & warm, sir!

  2. 80 degrees here today after freezing a few days ago. Very nasty thunder clouds moving in. Weather report says to expect tornadoes. I don't know what's worse...your ice or our tornadoes!

  3. PP,

    I can ship you more ice if you would like. We got about 1 inch on everything.

  4. no ice here in saskatchewan but the temp is almost minus 30 C. About minus 20 for you Yankees

  5. Light rain and 57 here, I let the fire go out as I was getting complaints about it being too hot. You sure have it rough out there, I guess winter fell on you guys.Glad you are prepared!

  6. Glad to see your pictures have gotten better.

    Ice was always the hardest thing to deal with while backpacking. You had to make sure that you had everything that you MIGHT need ahead of time. Of course, with some scouting, a dry shelter or bluff line made a nice camp.

  7. Those cats look like the are really suffering! You need to take better care of them. No matter how much food is in a bowl, when you walk by it you need to put more in it. Everybody knows that! DUH!

  8. At least you are all set up for it and are holding up well. It is still flooding down rain here, 36 straight hours of rain. My drainage ditches are starting to overflow. No telling what I'll be dealing with when the sun comes up. Hope your power stays on.

  9. You have the ice, we have the arctic temps. We have the battle of the thermostat going on here. The wife bumps the temp up, its get way too hot in the bedrooms. I turn it down to like 66 or 68. Our place is drafty. Most windows are single pane. I'm getting window covers next week.
    Stay warm, and a Merry Christmas to You and the Family my friend.

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