Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Please Stand By and Merry Christmas

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with posts or coming around to comment on your blogs. It got down to -10 last night and everything is still covered in thick ice. The animal water tank heaters can't even keep up when it gets this cold and the sheep are trying to convince me they should be able to come inside the house as well.

In fact the house now looks like an animal refugee center as even the permanent stray barn dog has come in and refuses to go back out. Each animal that is uncomfortable being inside now cowers in some claimed corner on a blanket or pillow hoping no one will notice them. The wife's little lap dog won't stand on all four feet outside at all and refuses to walk out to do her business but must be carried.

All we need now is a manger and a baby Jesus to really look like a Christmas stable inside :)

Oh, and some hay to spread around.

The power did go off briefly yesterday but came back on just about the time I began putting the power out plan into operation. I am surprised it hasn't gone out completely because there are trees and limbs down all over the place. My guess is that since the power company guys were working here all Summer they got all the stuff that would likely fall already removed.

Still holding good on firewood with at least a cord and a half of burnable sized stuff left but I am definitely going to be back behind the curve and playing catch up again when this breaks. I am hoping to avoid needing to break ice off the pile of needing to be split logs just to get another load ready to burn. With luck I should be able to get out and cut some more tomorrow but anything I cut is going to need immediate splitting before use.

I just been sleeping in snatches and then making the fuel and water check runs. I over slept a bit this morning and the house got down to about 55 degrees as the wife was feeding the stove incorrectly. She was whining like the sheep when I got up and went to correct the air flow problem. Within 15 minutes she was standing in front of the main vent singing "Dad is great he gives us the toasty heat" ala Bill Cosby style.

Finally some appreciation :)

Anyway back to it. Merry Christmas everyone and I will start to catch back up with things tomorrow night I imagine.

Keep Prepping surviving Everyone!!!


  1. I can make you feel better, How? -19 last night at 11:30pm. Our 3 cats are sleeping anyplace warm. I have a stock pot full of water on the stove to keep the house humid.

    The wood cutting will keep you warm.....lol

  2. Just think, if this was a SHTF scenario there would be a massive die off of the unprepared. For more pleasant thoughts, Merry Christmas and keep the fires burning!

  3. Just think it all makes for good snuggle weather...

    Merry Christmas to you and your family ! Stay warm and keep the animals all toasty.

  4. If it helps any, Fort Yukon AK is expecting -45 tonight; Fairbanks will be balmy at -33. Only -5 in Anchorage, though - we're the banana belt!

    Srsly though, hang in there, and remember how blessed you are to be prepared and ready for this.

    Merry Christmas, my friend.

  5. This doesn't have anything to do with current blogs, but I just read "Fred on Everything" and there's an article on Maureen Dowd that you will love. Merry Christmas! Julia

  6. PP,

    Merry Christmas to you and the family my friend.
    Good thing you and the family are staying warm...........along with the critters :-)

    Ice has started to melt this afternoon making it sound like WWIII hitting vehicles, house, metal over hang on the rear patio. Very dangerous large chunks coming off power lines.

  7. Sorry it's so rough there. We had a bad storm but no ice, just very heavy rain. I'm glad you have everything all squared away and that there's a place for everybody in the warm house.

  8. I was thinking about all of your supervisors and how they were all sleeping inside in one of your other posts. Hope it warms up for you, we are cooling off some now but nothing like your mess. Lucky you prepped!

  9. Have a Blessed Merry Christmas!

    Mamma Bear, Papa Bear & The Marine

  10. Merry Christmas, to you & yours....human, non-human, and supervisors :)


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