Saturday, December 21, 2013

Icy World, Warm House, Longer Days Coming

Well they weren't kidding about the ice storm. Everything outside that doesn't produce it's own heat or move is encased in ice. So far no power outage although it wouldn't surprise me at this point since I noticed a good sized limb down out in the yard already. More firewood!!!

It's still early enough in the year that the road crews are keeping up with the stuff and the last week or so of warmer temps got the roads warmed back up. It really isn't all that cold yet anyway just barely at or a little below freezing and little wind so it's been easy to keep the house warm.

Moving tarps around that are complete sheets of heavy ice to get at the wood under them is a bit more of a pain however.

I am still in pretty good spirits though and who wouldn't be these are days that were made for self sufficiency types. Why I barely got out of my jammies all day to be honest. Not much to do outside and no reason to go anywhere. All I gotta do is walk out and feed the wood furnace every four hours or so and it isn't even cold enough to stress that much, just have to be sure the coals don't go out. If the power goes out I got plenty of fuel and the generator is covered and ready.

Coming in behind this ice storm however are some damned uncomfortable looking temps like a high of 17 and a low of -2 which is suppose to be hitting us tomorrow and Monday. I am not looking forward to that at all but I got a huge split truck load of Locust right on hand and the kerosene bullet heater set up in the basement if I need to pull the big guns out.

However the most heartening aspect of today is that the days will now begin moving in the other direction and slowly become longer and longer.

I don't care what the calendar says Winter to me starts about the Middle of November and goes until the Middle of March more or less and when the days start lengthening is one sign that Spring is on the move. I know that the worst of the weather is yet to come but at least the daylight times are going in the right direction once again.

Very soon it will be time to even start seedlings and garden planning. At this point I am so far behind on shop work and bee hive construction it doesn't look like I am going to get much mass reloading time in this year. Not a huge big deal really at least I have all the supplies if I ever do need to add more rounds to storage.

As I said it's times like these that prepping really pays off. It's fun to enjoy it a bit.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I'm with you. When the preps come out and get used in a useful manner, then it only reaffirms my preparedness mindset.

  2. I knew the map showed ice and snow in your area. All we have so far is 6 inches of rain and more coming. Can you say say Flood Warnings? Stay safe!

  3. Winter here is late October through mid-April, usually. We'll get a lot colder next month, but then things begin moderating a bit. Sounds like you're good to go for the "stay safe & warm" wishes, but ... well, you know.

  4. Just cloudy and warm with a breeze, I saw a bee flying yesterday. You are better prepared than I am since I don't have a generator that is working right now. I wish that I had a bunch of neighbors like you as we cold survive about anything with a community like that.

  5. PP,

    I'm so happy we are prepared for this weather. Like you we stayed in our PJ's most of the day. One time we went out to remove a dangerous piece of ice (cycle) close to the doors. We wouldn't want someone getting hurt.
    This weather will cause many branches to fall, you may want to when it warms up go for a little ride through your area for free fire wood :-)

    Be careful, stay safe, and warm!!!!
    The temperatures are getting lower as we enter the new week, watch out for black ice.

  6. So, YOU got the ice while we got skipped over this time, hugh?! Hope the power stays on for you. Hunker down in your jammies and keep feeding the wood furnace. And make sure your feline crew is happy.

  7. Just rain and thunder here. The wind was strong enough to tear the tarp off my truck, even though it was well strapped down with bungee cords. Temperatures here at in the high sixties, but it is supposed to get considerably colder by this afternoon with frontal passage. Like you, we are just buttoned up and waiting for the bad weather to pass.

  8. Kick back and enjoy those fruits of your labors.Good on ya!


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