Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Long but Rewarding Day

I pretty much had to hit the ground running this morning. First off was a trip North to my insurance office to sign papers that my son was not going to be driving any of the vehicles I had insured through their office. I am still not very happy about exactly how that company found out about my son even getting his drivers license anyway. I can totally understand the company having a stake in my license and/or ticket and driving info but even though we have the same last name and mailing address they should not have access to another adult's private information. If my son had any desire to drive the vehicles I have insured through them I would have added him to the insurance myself.

I guess I just feel it's wrong that the State gives these companies so much information that they can pick out that there is a new driver at my specific address. What happens if my mother has to move in with me? Does she get added automatically as well? For all these people knew my son could have been my brother or nephew or something.

After getting the vehicle insurance all figured out I also got my agent looking into some liability insurance for my bee keeping operation. I have had a few inquiries about providing some pollination services and am getting to the size now that if things go well this Winter liability insurance is something I seriously need.

Just more government expense to add to the over head.

After that was done it was finally time for a little bit of tractor love. I have pushed back some tractor purchases a couple of times this Summer due to truck repairs but I had just enough extra cash left over to pick up a new cross bar so that I can pull the trailer with the tractor now and pick up a used post hole drill I found advertised.

The drill was located about 60 miles South and West. It was an older style one with the PTO shaft and a 9" auger included. The price was $350.00 which is a bit more than some used ones I have seen and a little over half what a new one would of cost me but as I said it is an older model with the very heavy duty gear box I was looking for. Several locals have told me flat out to not buy the cheap new ones like you can get from tractor supply as the gear boxes burn out fast. So all told I am pretty happy with it and have already taken all the parts off and re-oiled and greased everything then hung it up in the barn. Hopefully by next week I will be using it but we will see.

Plenty of projects still in line before I get to new fencing.

Arriving back home I was greeted to my son announcing he had passed the GED test and was above the 90 percentile in everything but math which was a 73. He got a 99 in social studies so at least I know my History degrees and teaching certificate finally paid off in some small way. The first and more than likely only time in my life I might add. So besides being home schooled he now has an officially recognized piece of paper from the state as well. Take that Bitches. All our bases are covered now so he can continue on with his plans without obstructions or hurdles/questions.

We went out for pizza to celebrate and then I went and put the post hole drill in the barn and came inside to write this. Now is time to catch up on news and blogs a bit before bed.

I did see where Helicopter Ben announced no tapering or reduction in QE just as I have been predicting. I made a mint off some silver shorts and REIT stocks today, it maybe time to sell once again and turn some more of this FIAT madness into preps.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!



  1. The thing is that you could let some kid down the road borrow your truck and the insurance would cover him but discriminates against your own kid. At least it used to work like that.

    1. I really do not understand it honestly. I mean my wife's insurance didn't give a damn. I just don't know.

  2. Alright then! Insurance. check Post holes. check Kid with a GED after homeschooling. check and celebrate!!

    Reading blogs before bed? I'll go see if you've read mine. *cough*

  3. Sounds like a pretty good day - and as a dad who home-schooled two progeny from K-12, let me say "Congrats" to your son.

    1. RP - so did you get their GEDs as well? Several places do not accept home schooled as equivalent which is why we decided he should get his GED as well.

  4. PP,

    Dealing with insurance companies is such a pain, especially when it involves kids (teens).

    Congratulations to your son on getting his GED, and good job on those grades too!!! Dad needs to take some of that credit. I have to agree with your comment "Take that Bitches". It's fits those wonderful people we talked about on a previous post.

    Investing in older pieces of equipment/tools for working on the farm is a great investment. New equipment/tools don't seem to hold up like the older ones because there not made to hold up. It's a throw away world, and I just don't understand it.

    1. Sandy - You are 100% correct nothing new seems to hold up at all anymore without almost completely fixing it over and over again. Even the replacement parts don't hld up like they used to.

      One reason I have been shooting for old used equipment. I figure if it is still working today from the 50's and 60's I can count on it for the rest of my life anyway.

  5. YAY for your son! Hope the pizza was good.
    Seniors dad has about two tractors on our SC is a farmall..both need some repair work. not sure what that will cost us. But hope to get them running so we can plow that acre garden.. : )

    1. JuGM - Repair is my number one priority right now. I am trying to pick up all I can about working on this tractor. Parts should never be an issue as these little 8Ns are everywhere but I want to know how to work on it myself.

  6. I was at the front end of a three car pile up. My truck sits high, and only the plastic piece that covers the hole in the tail hitch was broken.

    However, the middle driver, who was plowed into from the rear and pushed into my truck has his car crunched from both ends on the very first day he got his license.

    The driver that caused it all was surprised when the police gave him a ticket. He seemed to feel that the people who were in front of him shouldn't have stopped so fast. Nice guy. Idiot.


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