Thursday, September 19, 2013

$#*^@%* Horses

I am now convinced horse people, which really means horse women 95% of the time, are flat out as mentally challenged as Liberals. There is some connection there because I can pull into the local horse boarding barn and see more Obummer stickers on great big SUVs than I see at the local university parking lot.

I will never be rid of these damned tree eating, four hoofed creatures of pasture destruction. EVER.

Tuesday I noticed one of the nags was limping on one of her back legs. I called my mother and told her one of her horses was hurt and she showed up (Immediately to her credit) and determined that it wasn't one of hers at all but one that belongs to her friend.

Now this friend and her husband used to have horses they rode together and about 10 years ago her husband told her flat out they were too old for horses when they retired. Of course she didn't listen and he was able to find a new home for his horse but she just couldn't part with her's. Hence how the horse ended up here.

That horse was eight years old at the time and she was 62.

Lady. Do the MOTHER %$#&* MATH. Horses live at least 30 years and the youngest we have ever had to put one down was 34. This means more than likely this horse has at least another 16 years of life left.

So they loaded the horse up and took her to the vet and she is going to be alright and all but she did tear something and will need to be kept in one of my stalls for a while and the vet predicts about six months to complete recovery. All fine and well and good but the owner's husband is still not happy because they had to cut one of their retirement trips short to deal with this issue and frankly I don't think he is over enthusiastic about his 72 year old wife riding around anyway.

In the process of this drama unfolding I am in the barn working on my new post hole drill when they bring the horse back. I can hear them scheming.

"You can leave her with me and your husband doesn't have to worry about it"

Ya know what? She isn't leaving that damned horse with my mother she is leaving it with me. How many more years do these loony women actually think they can take care of these animals? Do they think these horses are just going to magically cease to exist when  the time comes? 

Forty three ads on Craigslist alone offering free horses to a good home TODAY. IN just ONE DAY when I checked this evening. ONE DAY and just in this general area.

I'm sorry but people need to think about the future a little more and not just their own immediate gratification. A 62 year old person has no business adopting (because that is what you are doing) an eight year old horse unless they also have the means and money to donate for it's lifetime care. I am not saying a 62 year old person is physically not capable of riding although I don't think they are able as they like to think they are. They have no business getting into a multiple decade long endeavor is what I am saying without solid plans being in place.

Well I told em flat out in no uncertain terms the minute they can't afford or are unable to take care of those horses I will deal with em myself. As you can imagine this generated replies as to my overall mean nature and lack of empathy is a crisis situation.

Kiss My Ass.

They need to think about the future a little here. Do you know how much it costs to euthanize and bury a friggin horse? Your looking at $300.00 minimum each and that only maybe if you do more than one at a time. Not only that but then who has to make that decision? Once again who gets to have the hard and uncomfortable choices forced on them? Who get's to be the one to choose life (and a seriously depleted bank account for something you don't enjoy) and death?

Not something I relish the thought of but guess who is more than likely gonna get stuck with it?

Maybe if they tried they could find someone willing to take these horses in. The one we are taking about in particular will have several good years left even after her rehabilitation. It maybe possible but even at 72 years old it is unthinkable to this woman to part with this horse. Do we really think she is going to be riding it at 82? I doubt it and then that horse will be impossible to give away and guess who will have to play god?

Eventually horses will have value again I imagine but not in these particular horses or my lifetime until this long slow collapse and weaning of cheap energy completes itself. I could effectively keep two or three horses on the place but it would be hard without huge fuel inputs to keep up with the feed needs.

They need to deal with reality.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I heard that someone on craigslist was getting all the unwanted horses and they butcher them and sell the meat in europe or someplace where it is legal, can't remember where it was. Sounds like something they would eat in france and call it by some sweet sounding name instead of fried horses ass.

    1. That is entirely possible. Slaughtering horses is legal in Missouri but no one has publicly announced opening a plant yet as they know the animal lovers will be all over them.

      Believe it or not there is a huge market for horse meat within the Hispanic population and there have been more than a few incidents of horses being found with the choice cuts removed.

      I guess maybe I should just grow a pair. I mean if the time comes getting rid of the horses isn't any different than deciding which lambs go to get processed. Perhaps I am over reacting myself.

    2. The French do eat horse. But they aren't squeamish about where there food comes from.

  2. I feel your pain brother. Horses cost more then kids. You should find out who will look after the horse if she dies. If she is 72 the clock is ticking...

    1. Well ina collapse situation I might end up eating the thing.

      I got the rant off my chest I feel better now lol.

  3. PP,

    Some places use horses as rehabilitation for people who have medical injuries. It's a thought if you're trying to get rid of them.

    1. Sandy - I am not currently trying to get rid of them but I know it will be here some day and I am about 99% sure that particular horse will be one of them.

      Those places are full, hence all the people trying to get rid of them.

  4. I'm one of those crazy horse women. There's no <0> bumperstickers on my TRUCK, and if there was, I'd have to BURN it off.

    The sound, sane, healthy, well trained horse market is strong and a good horse will cost you high four figures, if not five. On the other hand, you can't give away unbroke or otherwise unrideable horses and horses standing in the pasture, unridden are a huge financial parasite. But, as long is it's not my money, I don't care. It's not anyones business if she keeps her horse and foots the bill and just likes owning it without riding it. It's one of those things we who prep typically hold might be selfish of her in your view, but it's her money and her property. Just don't let them hook you into doctoring it or cleaning the stall, etc. And if you do, well, that ain't the horses fault, that would be your fault.

    I ride to stay in shape and maintain flexibility. I do a lot of outside physical work and I go riding to clear my mind, improve my flexibility and muscle tone. I am 53. I plan on riding for a long time. 70's are old to some, but my family usually lives a LOT longer than that and they are active (not taking "retirement trips" but still doing real work.) Many people pop a beer open to put an end to their day, cover up a problem, celebrate...whatever. I ride. I don't: shop, frequent salons, get nails done, need psychoanalysis, hate my parents or my husband. I hate to spend money in general, am a do-it-myself-make-it-from-scratch woman who proudly displays her Scottish frugality at every opportunity. I met a woman in her mid to late 70's at my last pistol class (so I could get my Utah concealed carry and be legal in several states) and she is an avid rider who trail rides in the mountains with her friends that are her age. I don't think her husband (who taught the class) thinks she's too old to ride. Of course, he is still working, not grumpy because his retirement trip is delayed. That activity would drive me to ride more, LOL.

    Glad you got your rant off your chest. Hope you get it worked out with your mother and her horsey friends. If horse slaughter ever gets going again, the glut of free horses will end. I buried my second best ever horse in December (3 degrees outside) and I'll be buying another one when I find it, or it finds me.
    --sidetracksusie (as in sidepass and two track, which I learned on Susie--my best ever horse)

    1. Susie - to begin with let me just tell you it ain't her place. It is mine and my wife's we let her keep the horses here. We bought her out because she was going broke taking care of horses and of course every last one of them were worth soooooo much money when she got them.

      How many times have I heard that good horses are so expensive and in such demand and every horse owner thinks they got the grand champion in their stables. Until they go to sell em of course when they need money and then it's "OH the market is so bad right now".

      I know a guy who is 75 years old and still pays for the occasional skydive but ya know what? He has all his ducks in a row and isn't sticking someone with the bill for his useless old nags if his shut doesn't open. In fact the entire "Someone is doing it" is a totally Liberal red herring argument the same they use to get people to vote more welfare spending by painting a picture of hardship somewhere.

      Sorry but regardless how long you think you will live getting an 8 year old horse at 60 is just irresponsible to the horse and to those who have to clean up the mess later on.

      It really is that simple. If you get it it really is that selfish as well.

  5. PP -
    Believe me I understand where you are coming from.
    We haven't had a horse on the place for at least 20 years and I sure don't plan on getting any more any time soon.

    That said,
    You got to look on the bright side of all know if you get lemons make lemonade.
    If you really believe that a social/economic collapse is coming you are going to need that horse for more than a steak.
    Why not take a lesson from the Amish and the "horse power" people and start to teach that horse how to drive & pull?
    All horses need some type of honest work.
    Sure it will take patience and you will need some type of harness, but it can be done.Maybe get your mother involved.
    In the event of a collapse you'll have a draft animal that will be worth it's weight in corn & hay. Even a small horse can plow, cut hay, pull a cart, skid logs...just a suggestion :-)

    1. GM - You're correct. Having a horse around wouldn't bother me as much as having six.

      Not to mention I have been plagued by these beasts since I was born.

      In the end it really is no different than choosing which lamb goes to slaughter I guess. Just more expensive with no return as for them being work horses well maybe they would work as transportation but they are not draft horses. They wouldn't be able to even pull a plow through Missouri dirt.

      In the event of a collapse some of them are going to have to be sacrificed. My problem is really the irresponsible nature of these horse people. I have seen it all my life.

  6. Of course you are right. I have four horses. They don't cost me a great deal compared to most, because they mow the grass here on an area rotational basis, and they get a pelleted supplement which costs me $30 every two months, and hay in winter. (Veterinary care is expensive and so I do all the worming and injections myself) The farrier is a relative and charges me very little.
    However, the vet does need to come and float their teeth and for unusual issues and this can certainly be expensive. My horses are age 2,5, 12, and 25. It is possible that some of them might outlive me, and that is a consideration. It does take me two hours each morning and a half an hour each evening to properly care for them. For the moment, this is a great health plan for me, and it is keeping me trim and very active. This and having my grass trimmed around the barn and fencing is of benefit because I haven't taken out the weed eater since they have been here.
    The benefit I see with the horses, especially the Shetland, is as a pack animal. I have alpacas also, but a shetland can pull an awful lot of weight, doesn't eat much, and generally is pretty calm.
    I also agree with you about most horse people. The people who genuinely care for the animals are good people, but too many of them care about the outfit, the appearance of the horse, and the entre into social standing, and they are often not good people.
    We also have a lot of really fine quality horses being given away or sold for ridiculously low prices here as well. It's very sad.

    1. Jane - If you are allowing your horses access to that much real estate I would hate to have to mow it with anything smaller than a tractor and you must not have any plants. I don't weed eat the pasture but even in a rotation the don't eat the thistle and stuff so that has to be mowed or it takes over. The damage to the ground makes it impossible to even take a pleasant walk in most areas they have tromped through.

      I find the sheep are the ultimate grass and weed deterrent and they are palatable :)

      Yes Jane, and I should have mentioned it, the horse people are caring and never abusive but they get a certain thing out of it as well which blinds them to the realities of the future I think.

      They all claim that horses are worth so much but it is simply not true except for within their little group. Horses are a true luxury item but unlike most luxury items horse people try and convince themselves they are useful. In times like these the truth comes out.

      There have been instances lately (especially last year) of people leaving horses tied at sale barns and/or just letting them go.

      Again even if I would decide to euthanize them we are talking a huge chunk of money which kinda pisses me off when my mother is volunteering to take in another.

  7. Jesus.

    I'd send you a Valium but I used all the ones I had up this week.

    Maybe when things do finally implode, and there's no gas anymore, you can ride one of them.

    I guess you are not really much of a horse person but they seem to make you madder than that would account for. Maybe you're mad about something else and it's just bleeding over onto them?

    1. Harry - I could ride a couple of them sure but that's not really the point. The point is they take up entirely too many resources. Each horse will run well over a grand a year easily when you count in everything from grain to vet bills to gas and diesel to run the tractors not to mention the twine for the baler etc. And it hurts twice as much when you consider that is also lost income from re-selling hay to the other horse people that don't have anything better to do with their money.

      Then there is the time in taking care of em.

      Should I decide to have them put down we are looking at 3 to 4 hundred each just to dose em and them have a backhoe guy come out and bury them.

      My mother barely has the money to feed em all as this great leveraging of the debt continues. What will happen next month? Next year? She certainly isn't going to leave behind the 1500 to $2000.00 bucks needed to put all these nags down and that is pure selfishness on her part.

      No one wants em, no one is going to want them when it all falls apart. I am stuck with five but one is not my problem but she is sure quick to offer to make it my problem.

  8. I can sympathize with you, even though I do not like being lumped in with the crazies. You have divulged more details about your situation that makes it clear you have bailed your mom out in some way shape or form that and that she has made her situation worse with her horse habit.
    That's what it a drug, a cigarette, alcohol. I see lots of crazy ladies with horses, most of them would be out of my league with their top of the line "everything", other ladies with high dollar horse habits without the means to pull it off. I'm not going to complain, though, my daughter was a trainer for "people who still had lots of money after the crash of 2008" on the east coast. Big, expensive horses owned by people that could not ride them. But, it's their money. And I won't judge how other people spend their money. I think the problem you are having is that you will be left holding the bag on the nags your mom has.
    You write that I would be selfish to get another 8 year old horse in my 60's. I try my best to be a good steward of my husband's hard earned money. He's a blue collar guy, retired SF, also. We own free and clear absolutely everything. We have been offered free horses in the past, another one just yesterday. Because I am a good steward of my husband's hard earned money, we don't take them. They are older, need special care, sound for light riding only, have some issue (mostly human induced), poor conformation, poorly trained, turned into pets, used up, etc. They cost more to take care of and I am not going to be able to use them as I would an 8 year old horse. And I would be the one to put them down, because I don't foist my problems off on other people. I won't let other people put me in the position your mother is putting you in.
    Any horse I get, will probably be owned by me until it dies or I die; I think there will be funds for it's disposal and if we're in a collapse situation, well, let's just say my husband has eaten all the sheep and lamb in a-rab countries he's ever going to eat but he would probably eat a horse. That is if we're not using the horse to cut a calf from it's mother or to rope a steer.
    Good luck with your mom, that's where the real problem is. But take heart, we all have our El Guapo's in our family.


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