Friday, August 23, 2013

A Steaming Pile

I finally got lucky enough that the power company was back in my neck of the woods and I ran into them yesterday while out checking my hives. So now I have a big old pile of steaming woodchips and more to come.

To quote the woodchipper guy "We can load ya up if ya want anymore"

My reply "Ha I need at least four or five more loads just to do this one project"

He said "Ya but I can tell the other crews"

Blink Blink....

I sense wood chip heaven coming on.

Our internet has been off and on yesterday, last night and this morning. Supposedly they are upgrading the network from our carrier. It has already managed to blow up my FireFox and removed all my cookies. So this is a quick little update post as I am now off to get permits for the new house septic system and putting in a new culvert for the drive way.

At hate bureaucracy and we live in a county with very little of it.

Keep Prepping Everyone!!!


  1. I will have to keep an eye out for tree trimmer guys if they give the stuff away. Good deal!

  2. So can we call you the Bee-Chip King?? I hope you can get all the chip you need.

  3. so stop all that bragging! first about all of your produce and honey and now about wood chips - you braggart!!!!

    your friend,

  4. PP,

    I'm with Kymber on the produce and the wood chips.

    Talk about nice getting wood chips free and delivered :-)


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